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Myanmar's Top 10 Export Countries

In 2017, as a sovereign state in Southeast Asia, the Republic of Myanmar transported goods valued at 11.7 billion US dollars around the world. This amount in dollars results from an increase of 28.9% since 2013, but also indicates a decline of -4.3% from 2016 to 2017. Myanmar is another name that is often used for Myanmar.

According to Central Intelligence Agency's World Factbook, goods and service imports account for 20.6% of Myanmar's overall economy or gross domestic product. Subsequent analyses focus only on the export of goods. With Myanmar's 55.1 million inhabitants, Myanmar's combined export volume in 2017 will be $11.7 billion per inhabitant.

On the continent, Myanmar's export is heavily focused on the final destinations, with 92% of total export to other Asia. A further 5.6 percent is supplied to our business partner in Europe, while smaller 1.6 percent is for North America. Myanmar's economic outlook for April 2017 is for an average of 4.2%.

In 2017, the following groups of foreign goods are the highest value of Myanmar's worldwide deliveries. It also shows the proportion of total Myanmar imports accounted for by each type of exporter. On the more detailled four-digit Harmonised Customs Coding layer, Myanmar's most precious oil gas is followed by pulses, raw or raw beetsugar, men's clothes and travel.

Myanmar's top 10 imports made up well over four fifth ('84.9%) of the total value of its worldwide mail. Among the top 10 exporter classes, the machine park and computer grew most rapidly, by 1,858% from 2016 to 2017. Myanmar's non-knitted and non-knitted apparel and accessoires business recorded the third largest increase of 62.3%.

Among the top 10 Myanma exporter classes, minerals fuel, especially those used for the production of natural gas and refined oils, were first. Other top 10 decliners were grains with a decline of -33.3%, driven by declining global grain deliveries of raw and maize. Subsequent deliveries of Myanma products constitute a net profit on goods or a net trading profit.

The Investopedia definition of net export is the value of a country's overall export minus the value of its overall import. To put it briefly, net export is the amount by which a country's external expenditure on goods or a service outweighs or delays its expenditure on goods or a service.

Burma has a very net export in the global apparel and accessory market. These cash flows show Myanmar's significant competitiveness, particularly in the apparel and accessoires (not knitted or crocheted) segment. All in all, Myanmar recorded a balance of payments shortfall of -4.6% in 2017 compared to -4.7 billion dollars in the year 2016 in dollars in red ink.

The following are the Myanmar export figures that lead to net export losses or shortfalls in the goods account. This net export deficit shows classes of goods in which Myanmar's external expenditure on goods lags behind that of Myanmar's importers of non-Myanmar goods. Burma has very net losses from very low net export levels, resulting in low levels of global vehicle trading deficiencies, especially for lorries, motorbikes and automobiles.

None of the Myanma businesses are included in Forbes Global 2000 for 2016. The Wikipedia list export-related Myanmar businesses. Myanmar's capitol is Nay Pyi Taw.

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