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Where to stay in Yangon. Step back in time at Shwenandaw Kyaung Monastery, Mandalay. Watch the sunset over the U Leg Bridge, Mandalay. Accommodation in Mandalay. Take a look at these top tourist spots, the best sights, sights and much more.

Myanmar's Top 10 Must-Lakes (PHOTOS)

Sudyard Kipling could not have described Myanmar (formerly Burma) in more detail. For many travellers Myanmar is still a secret place of unexplored treasure, unfamiliar to the tourist and kept in mantle. While Myanmar is gradually welcoming travellers from all over the globe again, the myth and legend of this gold country is becoming more true than ever!

Leaving the commonplace behind you, travellers will be able to visit this country, which dates back to antiquity and finds its place in the heart of travellers. Burma offers a wealth of scenic attractions, from old temple field and pristine sandy beach to mythic caverns and picturesque sundowns. Have a look at the 10 must-sees in Myanmar, hand-picked by Kensington Tours specialists, and let them be your inspiration for your next adventures!

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The Lonely Planet guide: The five most important activities in Myanmar

OFF-Borders for years, Myanmar can now be viewed at will. Myanmar has the capacity to astonish and please even the most tired people. All these are important Buddhaistic sites in a land where devout friars are more worshipped than skirtsters. The exploration of Myanmar in a people of more than 100 different nations can often seem as if one had fallen into a lively issue of National Geographic around 1910.

There is no such thing as an overpowering rate of flux, which leaves the basic joys of traveling in Myanmar untouched. They can still float down the Irrawaddy with an old steamboat, mark out a piece of sand in the happy Bay of Bengal or walk through woods to minorities communities spread across the Shan Hills without messing with many other people.

This is one of the holiest places of Buddhism, and can be seen from almost everywhere in Yangon. There are four long, charming stairs leading up to the front patio, which, according to the season, can be calm and tranquil or lively and rough. Usually the sea is like a huge plate of tin, dotted with stilted houses, islands of buddhistic shrines and swimming pools.

Myanmar's second most renowned archaeological site, Mrauk U (pronounced "mraw-oo"), is different from Bagan in almost every respect. They are smaller and younger and, unlike Bagans, mostly made of rock, not bricks. Unlike Bagan, the Mrauk U Temple is scattered in a still populated and fertile setting of bustling towns, paddy paddies and round hills.

You' ll probably have them all to yourself - in a good year only about 5,000 international guests come. It has a chilly climate, a quiet ambience, roads are lush and verdant, and the nearby rolling countryside is the only place in Myanmar where travelers can spend the night without authorization.

  • Each of us needs a Myanmar Visas to travel to Myanmar. In Myanmar we can't emphasize enough that we have to carry untouched "new" US dollars notes - that means that the notes are colorful and in absolute perfection in 2006 or later: no wrinkles, punches, stains, traces of ink or cracks. Whilst $US100 notes get the best currency conversions, it is also a good option to have many small dollars notes.

An excerpt from Lonely Planet Myanmar (Myanmar) (12th edition) by Simon Richmond, et al. © Lonely Planet 2014.

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