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These are great places to experience local life day and night from Myeik to Mawlamyine, from Hpa An to Myitkyina and from Mandalay to Yangon. Have a look at these top tourist spots, the best sights, attractions and much more. There are many faces to Myanmar, from urban explorers to temple fans, from nature lovers to beach boys. Receive the best prices for travel packages and individual itineraries. An exhaustive list of activities in Bagan, Burma Myanmar.

Activities in Bagan, Burma Myanmar

With some 2,000 to 3,000 different temples, Bagan is the biggest cluster of Buddhaist worship memorials on the world. For more information on a three- or four-day route. You can visit Old Bagan on horseback or by bike. Located between Nyaung U and New Bagan, the old town is easy to reach by bike.

More about Old Bagan. In comparison to our Old Bagan Walled City cycle, this route is lower on historic sites, but higher on mileage. It is best done by cycling. Start at the magnificent Ananda and the race track ends in stunning Shwezigon, two of the most famous and prestigeous Bagan.....

To Nyaung U learn more about Old Bagan. This temples trip is high up but only a few kilometers away and separates New from Old Bagan. From New Bagan, the cycling force is large enough, although the trail is more undulating than from Nyaung U to Old Bagan, but if you're from Nyaung U, an e-bike may be a better choice.

More about Old Bagan to New Bagan. Some interesting monasteries on the southern side of New Bagan itself can be visited in an hours walk. The trail leads you down to the water so that it is particularly good at the end of the game.

Find out more about a roundabout route just outside New Bagan. Bagan's most breathtaking characteristics are the overall view and not just any particular temple. Find out more about Where to go for sunsets and sunrises? Bagan's favourite flights are not inexpensive, but this does not prevent them from being fully occupied at high time.

From the 2016/17 high seasons, three airlines will be offering flights: over Bagan, Golden Eagle and Eastern Balloon. More about balloon rides. On the assumption that a half-day excursion to the stunning Mount Popa is a good excuse to spend another night in Bagan. More about Mount Popa. When you feel like a variety of sandy and spiny acacias and need a rest from your bike, try a boat ride on the Bagan rivers.

More about boat rides. Bagan's most important tradition of craftsmanship is the very appealing paint finish, which comprises between eight and 16 layers of paint. Varnish goods manufacturing is concentrated in the town of Myinkaba, between Old and New Bagan, where you will find a variety of garages and associated shops.

More about handicrafts. Please have a look at past editions.

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