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These are great places to experience local life day and night from Myeik to Mawlamyine, from Hpa An to Myitkyina and from Mandalay to Yangon. Have a look at these top tourist spots, the best sights, attractions and much more. There are many faces to Myanmar, from urban explorers to temple fans, from nature lovers to beach boys. Receive the best prices for travel packages and individual itineraries. An exhaustive list of activities in Bagan, Burma Myanmar.

Top 7 Activities in Bagan, Myanmar

Burma's pagan kingdom, which dominated the old tempe level of Bagan in Myanmar, was exceptionally pious. Ardent Theravada Buddhist worshippers, the Bagan emperors and their minions constructed over 10,000 stupa in their capital between the ninth and thirteenth century AD. Only one-fifth of the initial number, the preserved monasteries only indicate the wealth and size of Bagan's time.

Today's tourist consider the remains of Bagan Temple as equivalent to the Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia; Bagan certainly is part of any notable route in Myanmar, and in fact many travellers make sure that Bagan is covered when they explore the greater area of Southeast Asia. When you reach Bagan, make the most of your stay by experiencing one of the adventure options mentioned here.

Myanmar Top Adventure Hiking Destinations

If you were researching for your visit to our land to do something else on this one. I would wager that you first think you are doing the trek by staying in contact with the heart-warming natives to get the one-of-a-kind impression.

Trekkers usually come to Myanmar to do adventurous hiking and stay with a host family and are usually very interested in choosing the most favourite itineraries. Therefore we would like to take you to the 5 best places for hiking in Myanmar. They are the chilly places like Keng Tung, Hsipaw, Kalaw, Inle Lake and Chin State and will feel like they' re mingled with the natives.

The Keng Tung is one of the most beloved explorations in Myanmar, even if you decide for long or shorter hikes. A visit to scenic mountain towns through brief hiking tours can make your trek a delight. As you trek through the breathtaking hills you will have the opportunity to visit mountain peoples such as Lahu, Akha, Lamone, Shan and so on.

It is the caoutchouc orchard and saisonal crops that are the captivating eye-catcher, and the geographic position of the mountain people and the genuineness of their way of life will be the major attractions of the Keng Tung Tour. You will also have to cross the wonderful landscape through woods and paddy terraces and see various towns on your itinerary.

Some travellers who want to make a brief hike to various scenic mountain towns can enjoy their stay in the part of Keng Tung. Kengtung's tribe community remains as it has been for hundreds of years and it is the one you will find for your brief trek with great clout.

Kalaw is known as a former British mountain resort with British monuments and a hiking area. From Kalaw City to Lake Inle, a three-day hike through Myanmar's rolling countryside would be a great way to explore rolling countryside and adventurous journeys.

Alternatively, try a long trek around Kalaw. "The" lookout, from which you have a breathtaking look over paddy fields to the far away hills, is one of the attractions of the Kalaw trek. The landscape during the trek is full of the fields of the local inhabitants and offers you a breathtaking panorama of the surroundings.

The luxuriant countryside with magnificent vistas of the valleys (from October to March) will inspire you to resume your hike. Interacting with them by discovering their farm houses, bio-zones, and communities is a major way for any traveller to find out more about the lifestyle of the mountain people in the surrounding area.

Though you may think that some walks are difficult, it will be an astonishing adventure to get away from the cities and streets by trying a simple trek or hike in Kalaw. Kalaw is also one of the most beloved places in Myanmar, so you can make a specific trek for your travels remember.

Known as "the Venice of the East", Inle is always on the visitor lists" to experience the beauties of the sea with old-fashioned rowing boats, swimming pools, swimming pools and more. There is much more to explore on the shores of Lac Inle, including cycling, equestrian and hiking and more.

A number of tourists link Kalaw and Inle Lakes with hiking trails between ethnical communities such as Pa-Oh, Inn Thar, Palaung and Danu. When you want to enjoy the wonderful hike without coming to Kalaw, you have the choice of hiking in or around an area of lakes. At the west shore of the lakeshore you can do 1D2N, 2D3N or a full days hike by add a thermal source in the Khaung Daiot Spring.

You can experience the colourful landscape shrouded in trees, greenery and sunflower as magic outlooks. It is also possible to walk the towns along the east shore of the pond, whether it is a gentle or a long hike. When you are worried about the municipality, you can hike to the CBT (Community Based Tourism) area.

In Phayartaung, a hiking point, the northern part of the pond will be populated by potter towns, soaps, springs and dramacave. Alongside the hiking trail you can see the leafy plantations of orchids and tealeaves. If in the west part or in the south-east part of the pond, the views and the feeling you have is the better part of the hikes.

Hsipaw is located in the Shan state of Myanmar and is now a lightweight hiking hot spot for some travellers. A foretaste of the true Myanmar rural lifestyle and some of the best hiking trails in the area. When you want to take a walk to discover interesting things about Shan Island, the chilly inhabitants of the villages, the nice landscape with the mountains, the valleys and the orchards around the path will arouse your interest in Hsipaw.

During your hiking holidays you can discover the village by paying a visit to the village people's family and review their way of being. Next is Sunset Hill, which draws a large number of hikers and provides a panorama of the landscape. Walking around his foot is relatively simple, and you will find few monasteries, old remains or theatres.

It is one of the good places to go if you want to trek in Myanmar. Enchanting hills, gorgeous landscapes and alien, Tibetan tattoos are always the key to exploring Chin Hill, so you'll have more genuine adventures. Mt. Natma Taung (Mt. Victoria) is the decisive place where almost all travellers like to hike.

As the Trekkingweg is a high trail, it is much simpler for you to do the hike. It' part of the Chinoid chain and the trek to Mount Victoria is a great experience while visiting the China tribe. Throughout the trek you can see the lives of the Chinese tribe and will encounter a stunning landscape with many rugged Orchid, colourful Rhododendron Flower (Taung-Za-Lat) and some Wildflower and luxuriant jungles with colourful Butterfly.

The chin ladies in particular, who are wearing a tattoo on their faces and chains of ambers, can be seen in this area. Hiking paths are quite rugged and well known for those who travel off the well-trodden paths. In some of the local communities you will have the opportunity to see the Chin wives on the noseflute.

During your hike you can admire the striking landscape with great view and interesting vegetation. Mt Victoria's natural beauties are fantastic and will be the culmination of your hike. This is how you will amuse yourself for such a funny and instructive hike in Chin State and picture what your hiking days would look like.

Now you are in the right place to find the necessary information for the walk in Myanmar. Are you looking for more adventures that include an authentically guided tour through the jungles, the plunge into the town and a foretaste of the true mountain people, this is certainly for you.

So you are prepared to set up on the Myanmar trek by finding out more about the mountain people and living with their homes as long as you want. Think and plot to visit Myanmar?

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