Top Sights in Yangon

Best sights in Yangon

Some of them, like the crazy Thingyan New Year Water Festival, are national, but most are local - reflecting Myanmar's dizzying diversity. Read our guide to the best attractions in Yangon (Rangoon), selected by our travel experts. The Botahtaung is a typical gold plated dome that gradually tapers upwards and is Read More. Can' t you decide exactly where you want to spend your holiday in Myanmar? Cycling is the best way to explore Bagan for temple visits.

Sights in Yangon (Rangoon)

Directly opposite Yangon is the small town of Dallah, which can be accessed by boat from the city's landing stage. It' a 10-minute drive where..... Yangon-born self-taught Aung Myint opened the artist in 1989. He was the first Myanmar artists to receive an ASEAN Art Award,..... This man-made water reservoir was built by the British in 1883, and it is said to look the same today as it did then.

Opened in 1971 and claiming to be Myanmar's oldest art space, the gallery's slogan is "Truth, Beauty, Love". Half way between Shwedagon Lake and Inya Lake is this artisan' s artist  Min Wae Aung..... The 325 foot high gold-plated is Yangon's biggest touristic destination and with 2,500 years the oldest of its kind in the time.

Mäandriende walking through the south of Yangon gives a good view of the roads of the city and takes you to the Strand Hotel on Yangon's..... There is no better blast for your money in Yangon than a trip along the town' s orbit.

1) Walk through the Volkspark at night

It is a truly one-of-a-kind town with many astonishing sights. So many things to do in Yangon that it can be difficult to limit the choice to a two to three days of itineraries. As the first two Yangon rides that will unavoidably appear in any area of Myanmar, I wanted to keep them off this listing because they are so well-known.

It is a town that is full of life with a diverse and diverse population. My intention was to make a checklist of things in Myanmar that would allow travellers to immerse themselves upside down in this wealthy, burgeoning world. Here is my most important activities in Yangon Myanmar.

On the other side of the Schwedagon Pagoda is one of the best theme park in Yangon, People's Park. People' s Park is a beautiful park that is a little like a culture fair. Have a look at the flyer in the city, because in People's Park there are always some weirdness. The last I was there, there was a Mardi Gras and a gigantic open air show by Myanmar skirt group Forever Alone.

People' s Park also hosted many different types of outings. On National Shan Day I had the joy of going to People's Park and they had a wonderful party with local folk songs, dances, dances, handicrafts and all types of folk attire. As if the above were not enough to persuade you, People's Park also stages fountains of lightshows in front of the Swedish Pagoda from times to times, and they are a real show.

Burma is subdivided into 7 different states, each of which is identified by the major ethnical groups occupying these areas. They could probably live their whole lives travelling through Myanmar and there would still be cultural discovery and learning. If only there was one way to see many of these civilizations in one place.... There are!

The Myanmar National Races Village is subdivided into seven different areas. Every part of the area of the reserve is celebrating the culture and peoples who populate the state after which it is called. Image of the collapse of the farm. Historic dummies, outfits, agricultural tools and memorials are located throughout the gardens to help travellers and natives get a glimpse into the lifestyle of the many Myanmar residents.

Apart from the astonishing culinary adventure, the Myanmar National Races Village, the resort is also a lovely verdant rest from the frantic, smooggy streets of Yangon. It is strongly recommended to rent a bicycle and ride through the garden. Surrounded by lovely parks and lawns. It is an eye-catcher in Yangon.

Here are some more great pictures and information about Myanmar National Races Village! Entrance to Myanmar National Races Village: $5 Dollar. Right opposite the famed and historical Strand Hotel in Yangon city centre is the Fährterminal. Costing 4,000 kyats, the boat crosses the rivers to Dalah and Twante, two villages as faithful to Myanmar's countryside as they are near Yangon.

It is a brief trip but provides a magnificent view of Yangon city centre. There' s not much to do in Dalah and Twante except to discover and visit the sights of Myanmar. Bicycle rental and take a trip around the countryside, or book a trimshaw or motorcyclist to see the area' sights.

It' s heart-rending, and if you're not up for it, the view can be surprising. Burma is a truly convenient and secure place for overseas, but sellers and riders on the other side of the riverbank are known to demand extremely high rates for outlanders. Going to Dalah and Twante is a really beautiful way to see a side of Myanmar living that you won't find in Yangon.

In spite of my scamming experiences I still strongly suggest to go. It is a truly enlightening and culturally rich adventure. First I was very reluctant to take the Circle Train around Yangon. Circle Train connects the whole outskirts of the town and the whole trip takes 3 h.

Whilst I would never volunteer for a three-hour journey ending at the same point where it begins, the Circle Trains fortunately last about 15 to 20 min, and you are free to get off at any of the stations along the way. It is also very simple to get a cab at one of the stations, so if you cannot get back on the bus, you can simply take a cab wherever you want.

Me and my boyfriend Phil got on the circuit and got off after about 40 mins. Yangon is a great place to visit. Do yourself a favour and get out of the car from there. Because of the small areas through which the trains pass, this is a very unique experience.

When the Swedish friar asked me if I wanted to voluntarily give English lessons at his English language training center in Yangon, I was desperate not to fall blind into a big loop. Nevertheless, I took the monk's calling cards and the next day Krissy and I were on one of the best and most thrilling quests I have ever had in Myanmar.

Nevertheless it was a great chance to talk with the different natives, to get to know more about the local cultures and to get to know some localsters. We had an hours conversational lesson with the group and some of our pupils took us to dinner and then gave us a free guided visit to the Sule Pagoda and Maha Bandula Park.

It' one of my favourite recollections of my Yangon years. You can still join the classes even if you have no previous instruction experiences, as the local people are really only looking for mother-tongue teachers to speak to. Yangon National Museum is one of the best in South East Asia.

In addition to exhibitions and artefacts dating back to Myanmar's early histories, the National Museum in Yangon also offers exhibitions dating back to pre-historic times. The National Museum in Yangon is full of historic treasure, dinosaurs' bone, paintings in caves and the jaw lines of endangered elephant life and is the fortune of every historian.

Known as the nine limb arts, Lethwei Boxen is a long-standing artsport in Myanmar. Lathwei was a good way to get rid of the much needed perspiration and learn more about the Myanmar people. So, this is it, people, my best tips for great Yangon Myanmar outreach.

Which are your favourite activities in Myanmar?

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