Top Sights in Myanmar

Best places to visit in Myanmar

The most important sights in Myanmar: Myanmar's main attractions. Myanmar Mandalay - Top picks for attractions and sightseeing. The best you can do on a honeymoon in Mandalay. Discover the most important tourist destinations and attractions in Myanmar (Burma) for your dream holiday!

Myanmar Mandalay - Top picks for attractions and sightseeing

Although smaller than his southern companion, Yangon, you'll still find Mandalay is a rather insane place to be. While motorcycles bustle past and vendors sell their goods, you will be enchanted by the attractions and noises surrounding you. Nearly devastated after several serious fire and bomb attacks in the Second World War, it has been rebuilt over the last 70 years and equipped with a mix of more contemporary architecture and the remnants of older and more historical urban landmarks.

It' a great place for those who want to go shopping till they die, especially when it comes to collecting memorabilia to remember their Myanmar years. Visit one of the local merchants around Route 87 (daily; USD1), where you'll find a variety of traders bargaining and trading with their jewelry and decoration - a great pleasure to take home.

As an alternative, if you feel like sending something bigger home, why not go to one of the many Buddha factories - you will hardly believe the places of interest of these gigantic garages that make large gypsum Buddha figurines, even if you don't feel like shopping. Buy the "Mandalay Zone" entrance card for most of them - it is for MMK 10.000 and includes all important historic sites, incl. the most important royal palace (daily 9.00-18.00).

It is a little worrying when you come here to find that you have to leave your pass for the length of your stay, a sense reinforced by a significant army present within the ramparts practicing their exercises! For hikers, trek to the top of Mandalay Hill (daily; Mandalay Zone Ticket), past the foot of the highest top of the town, the Mt. Tempel, with stunning outlooks.

It' not an easy task in the heat in Myanmar, and if you can't make it, you can take a cab together for a few bucks at the foot of the hills. A further attraction is the Shwenandaw Convent (daily 9-18 h; Mandalay Zone Ticket), a large and unbelievably well-preserved tea kloster showing the best works of TEACK.

Understand that only men are allowed to come near the Buddha picture that is located in the cloister. Mandalay has many places of worship to suit your stay in the town. There are many smaller coupons not too far from Shwenandaw Abbey, near the astonishing Kuthodaw Pagoda (8am-8pm a day, USD5).

If you only include one more sanctuary on your listing, make it the Mahamuni Buddha Sanctuary (6am-8pm every day; USD4), which is central and home to the most venerated pictures of Buddha in all of Myanmar. This can be very bustling, as it is a favourite place of worship that attracts people from all over the land, and again be ready for only men to come near the Holy Buddha.

For a cooling down after a full days tour of the town, drive to U Been Bridges, the world's longest and oldest wooden bridges made of tar. Beware, it is very wobbly and very easily stumbled, so put on sensible footwear and observe your footsteps - you will be amazed by the young natives who race regardless of the rest of the planet as you wiggle your way across!

Visiting at sundown to take icons photos of the monument. Burma Solo Travel - Should You Go? Burma Travel Insurance - Do You Need One? In Mandalay, Myanmar, a city-wide motorcycle taxis system is being built. Mandalay, Myanmar's second biggest town, now boasts a five-star Hilton, which has become the third in the group.

Myanma Railways CEO has said that a Japan-based relief organization will help to expand the major line between Yangon and Mandalay.

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