Top Sights in Myanmar

Best places to visit in Myanmar

Some of them, like the crazy Thingyan New Year Water Festival, are national, but most are local - and reflect Myanmar's dizzying diversity. Can' t you decide exactly where you want to spend your holiday in Myanmar? They know that a target is burning hot when its river cruise scene explodes. There are many faces to Myanmar, from urban explorers to temple fans, from nature lovers to beach boys. Guidebook to the best scenic drive/tour sights in Myanmar as selected by our travel experts.

Myanmar Dawei - Top picks for attractions and activities

There are a number of beautiful sights that you can see as part of an excursion and one of the great sights is the variety of them. It is famous for its beautiful Pagoda, which the natives say are among the best in Myanmar, but you can also go to a museum that gives an insight into the area.

A further high point of an excursion to Dawei are the picturesque sandy shores, and if you're out of the city, you can bask on some of the most secluded sandy areas or go to some of the most favourite places for a shellfish supper. Thalyaung Shwe is a good choice in Dawei if you want to leave the city center and visit a beautiful shrine while you cycle through the area.

Situated on a picturesque hillside, you can hike to the summit and then take in the breathtaking view over the area. Like most Myanmar marquees, there are a few gift stores and a tea house where you can stop for a nice cup of coffee and a smile.

There are many smaller cities in Myanmar that are not particularly well known for their art galleries, but Dawei has the cultural centre of the Tanintharyi region, which is definitely a must when you are in the area. Dawei Valley is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Ethiopian region of Dawei has a rich cultural heritage and tradition of Dawei, Moken and Mon groups.

The Myaw Yit pit is in Dawei not least because it is situated on an isle about 10 kilometers due south of popular Maungmagan Beach. Besides the town' s principal pavilion, you can also take advantage of the promenade on this beautiful beach, which is ideal for an afternoons stroll and offers a view of the pavilion and the nearby blue waters.

Maungmakan is one of the main attractions in Dawei and is the most visited one. Besides the actual Maungmakan Bay, you can also stroll along the sandy shore and find a number of smaller and less congested bi-directional sands.

The Maungmakan Beach is one of the best here, as it is also one of the most advanced and has a number of fish eateries and some caf├ęs selling beers. They are the ideal place to enjoy the sundown with an ice-cold cup of ale, or you can go to one of Burma's small local teashops that line the water.

Hiking along the coastline to the northern side, you will come to some of the lesser known but breathtaking Dawei beach like Nabule Beach or you can head the other way to Myaw Yit Pagoda. Burma Solo Travel - Should You Go? Burma Travel Insurance - Do You Need One?

Myanmar's yearly Waso Moon Day celebrations, which mark the beginning of Buddhist Lent in Myanmar, will take place on July 27 this year. MInister of Transportation and Communication of Myanmar recently announced its intention to make Nyaung-U International Nyaung-U into the first ever Nyaung-U Emerald Coast International Business Park in the area.

Mandalay, Myanmar's second biggest town, now boasts a five-star Hilton, which has become the third in the group.

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