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Burma is one of the best countries to consider when planning a honeymoon or other romantic excursions. This is how you have the best ever at Inle Lake in Burma Situated in the Shan State mountains, Inle lake is a rather dramatic place to linger. It' also a rather spectecular place to do a few things. It is essential if you want to cycle around the area. It is also one of the best experience I have had on my daily excursion through the north of the area.

On this one was possessed by a landlord, and he took five of us across the sea from west to the east (with our bikes!) for $2. 00 per one. It was a one-of-a-kind adventure as we drove through small alleys from the town into the open sea and watched the fishermen hit the glass waters with their scuppers.

You' ll be fascinated when you see the gifted looms making fabrics from the lotus plants they are growing on their lakeside pad. Yes, Burma has a winegrowing area. Dining at Inle Lake's vineyards restaurants is cool and the cost - just $2.50 for a tasting of four different types of vines - means this is an adventure not to be miss when you visit Inle.

Situated in a hilly vineyards with a breathtaking view of the reservoir and a luxuriant verdant countryside that you can enjoy with a drink of either pink, orange or orange. There is no excursion to the Inle-See without a tour of the warm water wells.

On the western side of the lakeshore, near the Nyaung Shwe city, they can be reached either by cab or by bicycle in 45 minutes. Just think, you go around in long rafts to see your neighbors, have a bump made of long bits of shiny wood directly under the sea and row a one-legged canoe.

For the inhabitants of the swimming village at the Inle-See this is a real world. They stand on long stilt posts rising low below the lake's waterfront, and although they do not hover, these towns are a masterpiece of art. What if buildings on stilt pillars weren't impressing enough - how about pools?

Inle' s inhabitants live from farming and fisheries, and there are some stunning swimming pools that provide the ideal environment for strawberry, scallion and grape cultivation, to name but a few.

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