Top places to Visit in Myanmar

Best places to visit in Myanmar

The best places to go from here are Bagan or Mandalay. What is the best way to secure your money when shopping? Best places to see in Myanmar Myanmar, if you enjoy the beautiful and unspoilt countryside, is a great place to visit, with unspoilt and unspoilt shores that are sure to make it very hard for you to get back from! Although we in India think of Goa every now and then when we think of the sea because of its closeness, but Goa has been exaggerated, it is good to discover another world.

Burma was also known as Burma is one of the cheap overseas locations. Beside the beach there are also nice temple to see in Myanmar. We have compiled a shortlist of places you should not miss when you visit Myanmar. Myanmar's picturesque fishermen's villages with their sandy beach are wonderful to have.

The best travel season is the colder winters from November to March. Assumed to contain relicts of the four former Buddhas of present-day Kalpa, it is the holiest Buddhist site. This is the best moment to go either at dawn or dusk, it is incredibly nice.

It is one of the most popular attractions for tourists. There is a possibility to make a daily excursion on this wonderful nature pond, along the way the ship will stop at small studios on stilts, they will lead you through a pagoda and sometimes through a swimming fair and you can take a look at the village people who look after their swimming kitchens.

A city that looks like a fortress whose ramparts were constructed to keep the temple from the wind. So if you like the rain, this is the season to be there. Taung Kalat is one of the most stunning places in Burma, and it was erected on an extinguished volcanic cone.

In order to get to the convent, the visitor has to ascend the 777 stairs to the top. At the top of Taung Kalat you can see a panorama of the antique town of Bagan and the gigantic conic top of Mount Popa. One might think that the rock is about to drop from the ledge, the rock is coated with a layer of sheet of gold and the rock as well.

Looks like the boulder's falling off the rock. This is the third most important place of Buddhism in Burma. The city has the most buddhistic Pagoda, Tempel and Stupa, also the infamous Ananda with its glittering golden towers. The city of Bagn is situated in the centre of Myanmar.

Contrary to the other towns in Myanmar, Bagan has no wet seasons and every seasons is a good period to be there. In addition to all the lovely places around Myanmar, the exquisite Myanmar food and the unbelievably warm and welcoming locals, Myanmar is a must!

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