Top places to Visit in Myanmar

Best places to visit in Myanmar

On this page all destinations around Myanmar have listed their festivals. The Yangon are great places to stroll and experience local life day and night. Here is a list of the other'top' places to visit and experience. As such a great city, Yangon has many great attractions to visit.

Best places to visit in Myanmar

Myanmar is on fire: not only by the literal resumption of hostilities..... Obama himself made an official visit to this Buddha country shortly after his re-election. Traveling to Myanmar independently will require additional work. These are the top attractions in Burma and a choice off the well-trodden paths.

It is Bagan, similar to Angkor in Cambodia, and the most important touristic destination of the state. it is not a Nazis sub, it was the capitol of an old mighty empire. Only a joke, Burma is one of the surest places for foreign nationals in the whole wide globe. It was the stone that braved the force of gravitation.

Kyaiktiyo's golden rock, neatly adorned at the edge. The dilapidated Yangon has not been the nation's capitol since 2007. Infinite ranks of Buddhas. Some of the world's largest Buddhas are still under building in the Bodhi Tataung Temple in Monywa. Ginorme Buddhas. This is Ngapali Strand, Myanmar's number one number one.


Amarapura, the "city of immortality", was for a short time one of the former capital of Myanmar. Amarapura to visit the Mahagandayon Monastery, home to more than a thousand young religiously studied young people. The longest teak wooden pedestrian crossing in the worid from the pillars of a former castle spanning 1.2 km across the flat Taungthaman Lake.

The U Bein Bridging, a key part of the municipality, is best seen at sundown, when several hundred local and monk crossing it at the end of the sun. You can also take a cruise on the river to see the viaduct up close. Bago, a capitol of the old Mon empire, which became one of the most important seaports, offers colourful fairs and wonderful places of worship.

Locally the Shwemawdaw Pagoda, the highest in the land, is made up of a 114 metre high gold tower. In Bago is also the 55 meter long Shwe Tha Lyaung Reclining Buddha, one of the most exceptional Buddhist pictures in the world. There is also the Hin Thar Kone Pagoda, an important place for Nat (spirit) worshipping with a stunning observation deck, and the recently refurbished Mahazedi Pagoda.

Indein is the home of many Pa-Oh and lies on the shore of Lake Inle. Drive up the scenic Inn Thein Channel (not available in summer) to see the Indein market and canals. Make sure you make it to the most popular place in Indein, the Shwe Indein.

It has breathtaking lakeside vistas, flooded with green jungles and an iconsque Buddha-painting. Ngapali Beach is one of Myanmar's most famous seaside resorts, midway between a fishermen's town and a holiday paradise, and it is called after the town of Naples in Italy.

You can go swimming, take a trip on a small river or try some of the best sea food. From November to March is the high tourist seasons, as the wet seasons last from May to October. Journey between two big towns on an all-day Irrawaddy River-trip.

On your arrival, the 2,200 Bagan Magodas and Sanctuaries will gradually unveil themselves and make for an unparalleled view.

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