Top places in Myanmar

High Placings in Myanmar

If you were researching for your trip to our country to do something else on this trip, what would be your first thought? Here is a list of the other'top' places to visit and experience. Fodor's No List 2018 lists Missouri in the top 10 places to watch out for

There seems to be some sense in not going to Myanmar for violations of international humanitarian law. The Galapagos Islands for their environmental frailty. However, why would one of the most reputable tour operators tell anyone to keep away from the state of Missouri? This is what Fodor's is doing with its No List 2018, which ranks Missouri as one of the top 10 places in the global traveler rankings.

"The Show-Me state is full of marvels that go on anyone's Travel Kitchen list," says Fodor's when he explains why Missouri came in at no. 7. The last one was a hint of the deadly execution of one Indians and the injury of another at Austin's Bar & Grill in Olathe, which we know is in Kansas and not in Missouri.

Fodor's citation of Missouri's reasons for avoiding it reflects the NAACP's concern, which also disheartened the trip to the state last year. Fodor's Missouri Chapel Jr. Nimrod Chapel section header explained that Missouri "has a different set of rules that are only appropriate to a few people," among them are the folks of paint, womens, disabled, elderly burgesses, aliens, and inferiors.

Chapel said the way statutes are enacted in Missouri is discriminatory. No. Number 10 on Fodor's heist is Cuba, because all the red tape makes it hard to grasp the real nature of the isle. No 9 is the Great Wall of China because of its fragile nature and the town of Beijing because of its heavily contaminated litter.

Mt Everest made the 6th place because it is hazardous and covered with garbage and corpses. No 5 of the places to be avoided is Myanmar, the Asiatic land shaken by breaches of basic humanitarian law against Rohingya, a member of a small Moslem population. In third place this year is the Taj Mahal in India, for strictly practicality.

In principle, Fodor says, you should shun places you don't want, like Venice and Amsterdam, where the locals are overshadowed by people. The Galapagos Islands off Ecuador are at the top of the ranking because of their fragile nature.

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