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All AOL Mail, Messages & Video. As the paradigm of new reporting changes, we look at some of the best news apps for mobile platforms in India. The Flipboard collects news, popular stories and conversations so you can sit back and browse through the latest and greatest stories of our time. WSBT TV is Atlantas most reliable news app. User-defined notifications to keep you up to date with all Atlanta news.

The best news apps for iPhone and Android

In the past, accessing the news meant avoiding each other to do this. But with the emergence of the smart phone, there is a million and one way to stay up to date, even with the darkest of news channels. This is a good thing and a poor thing, and if you want to refine your lighting, a news app is a must.

We' ve looked at the best news applications on the iPhone and Android and selected our favourites. And even with a good news app, most people are unlikely to have the chance to get all this news at once, so take a look at our tips for the best read-it-later applications.

The Apple News is pre-installed on every Apple iPhone and, like most Apple applications, is not available on Android workstations. Its news app focuses on pictures and fast-loading video, and publishers like the New York Times and National Geographic have teamed up with the organization to make their contents quickly available.

Click here to learn more: The Google News is the substitute for Google Play Newsstand, and it's just as shiny and sleek as you might like. By attracting news from around the globe, you'll probably be able to find your favourite websites and releases. You can have a full story telling session every morning, or you can click Full Review to get it all without the Google mess.

They can also store a history or load certain documents for later use. Google uses a built-in referral system to claim that the more you use Google News, the better and better it fits your interests. You can now load from: Formerly known as MSN News, Microsoft News provides an easier and easy-to-use way to quickly receive the news you want.

You can browse between the threads at the top of the page and switch to messages that are entirely on-the-fly. There is a selection of bright and deep subjects to keep you informed of news, and you can log in to synchronize your settings across multiple units.

It' a great, light-weight news app that just works. The Associated Press reports news from around the globe, with a vast staff of committed journalists focused on all kinds of issues and emerging issues. It' s an app that comes free from the glamour and glamour of other news agencies, but it's a useful asset for those who love to learn the facts and little else.

The New York Times app is one of the world's most loved news resources and contains everything you'd want from a news app - news alerting, off-line viewing and so-and-see. But it also has some functions you won't find in other applications. There' are sound and visual choices, but one of the most advanced enhancements is enhanced reality, which allows you to look into David Bowie's dressing room or face-to-face with world-class Olympians.

The BBC is a world-renowned news organisation whose goal is to keep you up to date on the latest news and topic. Contrary to some other news resources, the BBC News app is not worried about having more enjoyment with its content, and it also comes with a direct feed stream.

When you choose to do so, you will always be notified when the app feels the latest news is important enough to attract your interest, making it a great way to stay up to date. CNN was the first 24-hour wired news station, and its offical app works as a compressed one.

In addition, a large part of the reporting on CNN takes place on TV, so enthusiasts of TV news should find much to like. The Appy Geek is in this special corner and offers technical papers from web sites and magazines from all over the globe. There are also a number of useful apps so that you can see news at a look on your homepage - and if you are particularly interested in games, there is also an Appy Gamer spin-off app.

BuzzFeed has taken the whole wide globe by storm by means of its virus lists and other funny contents, then it went on to make a wave with some serious top of the line journalists. Now you can go through the menus to see quizes, see what's going on, or go through the messages if you want to refine your quiz.

BuzzFeed also has a special news app if you're not interested in the more bizarre music. It analyses and categorises trend histories so that you can always see the news you want. It' aimed at giving you the news in a single moment, and that makes it good, with a clear and simple to search user surface and an algorithms that is good at pulling out crisp contents that you actually want to have.

Donwload now from: The deaths of Google Reader was a disaster for many enthusiastic readers, but it was a boon for Feedly. News aggregators saw a big surge of new subscribers within a few week of shutting down Google Reader and have since enhanced their portable services to make it easy to store, view and markup.

The Flipboard has made a new kind of cell phone readin' adventure and focuses on getting the readers involved with the most thrilling tales of the moment, using a magazinestyle aesthetics that encourages them to simply flick through the pages. The newsreader has several hundred articles and flipboard provides a wide range of themes.

Whether you're interested in the latest Star Wars news or the latest Star Wars news, Flipboard has everything you need. You may not be the most common way to keep up with the news, but it's uncommon for a big worldwide incident to go by. Android is a great way to keep up to date with the latest news through various subredits - Android messages are sent to /r/Android, for example - and people vote and annotate them.

Fortunately there are since the takeover of the mail, meteorological and news apps. It has its own news feed with the latest news and videos - and you can access your email while you're at it! Inkl is on a quest to free you from clickingbait items and is aimed at curating and bringing you a trusted flow of news.

Filters newsroom that are most important to you so that your feedback always brings you the news you want to see, from the authors you like. The first 24-hour news station to reach the Middle East, Al Jazeera has become one of the most sought-after and widely acclaimed titles in the area.

Since then it has been growing and developing and reports on news from all over the word. This app has 24 hour news, videoclips of the greatest tales and countless news, articles and views from around the word. Dowload now from: Inoreader is another news aggregate that delivers news from around the planet directly to you.

Select from 28 categories and you will receive news that will interest you. And best of all, it will remind you which items you have been reading and only offer contents you haven't seen yet. The NPR News Broadcasting App is a good actor if you prefer to hear your news. Track and hear your phone's domestic and international messages, then make a list of your favourites - or just enjoy the popular broadcast podcast.

It also finds radio channels that use your phone's built-in navigation system, so you can stay in touch even near home. News 360 is one of the most popular news aggregation applications for good reasons. So the way you can look for your favourite themes or certain news pages is similar to flipboarding, and it works just as well.

It connects to your Twitter, Google Plus and your Twitter to split the messages and integrates Pocket, Instapaper and Evernote. This also allows you to store histories so that you can reread them later.

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