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Myanmar Top Websites

((Note: Napyitaw is often misspelled as Napyidaw.) Yangon, the commercial capital, is the main gateway to Myanmar. Are you looking for marketing agencies in Myanmar (Burma)?

Myanmar's top e-commerce websites 2017

In Myanmar, e-commerce remains an important issue as it provides different ways for individuals to gain and maintain accessibility. While Myanmar has "grown by leaps and bounds" in available goods and by leaps and bounds, there are still many remaining issues to address. Bo Bo Bo Lwin, Director of Future Hub IT Consultancy (the business behind the first Myanmar based website for on-line ticketing), said during the last Yangon meeting of Managed Currency that some big issues (e.g. power/electricity stability) in Myanmar are preventing businesses from operating smoothly.

However, now that we have free advertising sites, there have been a great deal of improvements in the trade," said Ma Thazin, who is an on-line merchant. An increasing number of consumers are becoming involved in e-commerce, as on-line trade can not just offer new but also used goods. Of all the items, Myanmar's most consumers say retail stores are cell phone, IT and kitchen appliances.

"I' m thinking that[Online Retailing] will become more widespread in the near term. This may be widespread on an international scale, but as we don't have good web access in Myanmar, the development will take some time," another web merchant said. The Asia-Pacific Group reports that the Southeast Asian e-commerce industry has grown at double-digit rates in recent years.

In Myanmar, as the web becomes more and more a shared plattform for companies around the globe to get to know each other and have useful discussions, companies are being given the opportunity to join the game., Myanmar's first B2B e-commerce e-commerce site, has opened up a wide range of new opportunities for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in Myanmar alongside industry leadership., Myanmar's e-commerce site, is designed to link Myanmar's distributors and wholesale dealers with their customers. One of Burma's most active group of experienced offshore businessmen have taken their inspiration from the world's foremost B2B markets and created this e-commerce market place, which happens to be the first of its kind in Myanmar.

Businessmen behind the recently opened Baganmart market. MYANMAR' s industry dynamism is rapidly evolving and it is high time that we helped our SME to take more leverage over publicity, promotions and sourcing. "It is a fact that many Myanmar construction materials providers do not yet have an on-line site. It' also truely that they are now trying to get on line to boost their business.

We', said a Senior Market Managers on the Myanmar on-line shop that is helping Myanmar's contractors to attract new customers. The OneKyat is a fastest-growing market place for helping Myanmar residents to buy or buy new or beloved products.

In addition, after registering in our website, the user gets his own user account, with which he can exchange his product without having to spend additional efforts and resources for the creation of his own one. The Zawgyi Mart is a large Myanmar based web site offering everything you need during your visit to Myanmar.

In contrast to many of the on-line supermarkets that are in the basic stage of expansion, Zawgyi Mart is very well designed and fairly furnished to meet the purchasing needs of local residents and visitors. There is a gradual tendency towards on-line buying and Zawgyi Mart is a good complement to this. mm is more interesting, challenging and potentially much more profitable, a general merchandising site modelled on Amazon or Rocket's Classics in Southeast Asia, Lazada and Zalora. Until the end of December 2014, the number of page impressions per month was more than 46,000 with about 500 single visitors per day.

This could abandon any other Myanmar merchant on the Internet. Buy chinese goods from China for free on line, include electronic, clothes, bags, footwear, fashions, accessories. mm is an on-line classified ad site where you can buy and buy almost anything in your city, from electronic, automobiles, real estates to job offers and more.

A part of the Asia Pacific Group ( "APACIG"), the Asia's premier web group with Rocket and Ooredoo. Over 100,000 visitors a months visit Myanmar's biggest free classified ad site, mm. RocketInternetStartup, which works similar to Craigslist, is hoping to become one of Myanmar's most popular websites. mm is well on its way with up to 150,000 visitors per month, especially given Myanmar's web presence, said the company's UK based national marketing director, Nico Poma. According to the UN and the International Telecommunication Union, 1.2 per cent of Myanmar's population had access to the web last year. It is very important for the enterprise to have a unified ethic; since an access to the web is all that is needed to buy and buy, the user can do businesses from Sittwe to Taunggyi, said Mr. Poma.

Updated: I just came across this site, YangonBay. It' s no wonder: the impact of Korea's opera houses and popular songs can hardly be overlooked in Myanmar and Greater Southeast Asia. The Yangon On-line has a much wider selection of items. Cash on delivery is still a widespread system for on-line purchasing in Thailand and Vietnam.

As Myanmar's premier tour operator, we offer a broad portfolio of on- and off-line sales opportunities for the industrial market and a full service for corporate travellers and consumer. Myanmar's first on-line traveller site, mm, offers the world' s biggest stock of hotel, flight, car, bus and tour accommodation with numerous safe payments for domestic and overseas travellers.

Myanmar's premier tour bookings and riding rail services company Oway Group said that talks are underway with prospective buyers to conclude an eight-digit financing round in October. Part of the round, IFC made an $2 million capital injection in early 2017, the World Bank's first ever investments in a technological start-up in Myanmar.

Established by Nay Aung, a graduate of the Stanford and London School of Economics who previously worked with Google and Blue Lithium, Oway Group is a start-up company that operates an mm web site and the Oway riding railing application Owayide. Oway says the next move for the company is the expansion of Oway Pay, a portable purse collection and entry into smaller communities across Myanmar.

"We' re going to offer our service in Tier 1 and Tier 2 towns across Myanmar," said a spokesman for Oway. barlololo Myanmar (www.barlolo. com), held by , is an on-line market place that enables Myanmar residents and shopkeepers to buy and distribute products for free and easily.

Myanmar is led by seasoned and locally based executives who have an understanding of the needs of the area. It is made up of former executives from e-City, a premier Myanmar based wireless-retailer. The Daily Mart, which went online in January, has an eye for further expansion, says co-founder and managing directors Ko Htut Thant Syn.

"But it'?s the right moment because the web is getting better," he said. "We' ll try to get more of them to get to know this kind of ministry and how comfortable it can become in their everyday-life. "The company is claiming the cloak of Myanmar's first on-line grocer'.

Myanmar is not only the starting point for the young company, but also for the e-commerce sector around it. As the latest telecom roll-outs across the nation and the evolution of the web infrastructures, more and more individuals are going live on-line, but big barriers in terms of on-line payments and logistic still need to be overcome before companies like Amazon Prime can operate.

Mr. Ko Htut Thant Syn said that the Daily Mart was born when he and Ma Zin Mar Lwin merged their idea to start a supply company and sell goods to outstanders. One of the Global Green Development Group subsidiaries, whose other real estate and building companies are permanently off-line, Daily Mart was supported financially by the company's Chief Executive Officer, but not externally.

Yangon's roads, overcrowded with cabs, formed the platform for the Daily Mart launches - as did the popularity of similar shops in other malls. The Daily Mart focuses its advantages on comfort. It compromises between the annoyance of conventional purchasing - which consumes gasoline and lasts - and the surcharge that can arise when you shop now.

More than 1400 articles are on the Daily Mart bookshelves. Once an order has been approved, Daily Mart will fill it from storage and send it via driver to the consumer door in 24 Yangon Townships. At the moment clients are paying COD, while the on-line payments will soon be made. Mr. Ko Htut Thant Syn said the company's margin was "very small", and Mr. Ma Zin Mar Lwin said the Daily Mart had to keep its price level near the markets.

Mr. Ko Htut Thant Syn said that it is aimed at everyone - expatriates, mothers, older men and ladies - "because everyone has to go shopping". Do you need help with Myanmar or any other countries? Benang Merah Komunikasi will now help you understand what consumers are doing: our latest research.

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