Top Myanmar Beaches

Myanmar Top Beaches

This is Myanmar's best beach if you are looking for entertainment and culture. If you think about beaches in Southeast Asia, you may think of Thailand first. Myanmar's best seaside resort, overview & photos. Situated in the state of Rakhine, Ngapali stretches along the Bay of Bengal in the state of Rakhine in Myanmar. The property also has one of the best locations in Ngapali!

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The beaches of Myanmar differ from those in Southeast Asia..... Myanmar (Burma) beaches are very nice, unspoiled and peaceful, but these beaches are not suited for bathing all year round, especially in summers - from April to August they are unspoiled and unexplored, reminding of Thailand's beaches 20 years ago, completely peaceful and serene.

Myanmar, an infinite number of islands and pristine beaches, is truly an enticing place for those who love the seas. This is the best beaches in Myanmar. Myanmar's best beaches are also very spectacular thanks to the charm of the fishermen's towns, the beautiful yachts that dangle on the water and the oxcarts that stroll along the coast of Ngapali.

Though Ngapali is undergoing some changes during a building industry expansion, there are still many unspoilt sites. In Burmese, the name of the Ngapali is of no significance, but is derived from the name of the Naples town. The Ngapali Beaches offers a variety of sophisticated accommodation, from small cabins to luxurious mansions and shelters.

The Ngapali Beaches is a marvellous place in Myanma (Burma) to observe the beautiful setting sun over the Bay of Bengal. Ngapali beaches are in high seasons from November to March, due to the beautiful sun. Ngapali is a peaceful, sleepy place even in high seasons, but the price could skyrocket.

During the wet seasons (April to September), when air travel falls once a weeks and most nights either shut down or keep a few rooms open, things are almost alluring. The sea at Ngwe Sung Strand is as clean as in Ngapali, but this is not a well designed place to relax and do nothing.

A 35-minute fly from Yangon - the former Myanmar capitol - or a six-hour drive to Ngwe Sung Bay. For a more demanding adventure, choose a 16-hour cruise from Yangon to Pathein. The name Ngwe Sung means Silver Beaches and offers various water activities for travellers such as snorkelling and caving.

Rent a motorcycle to discover the 15 km long sandy area. Chaung Tha Strand is 25 leagues westward of Pathein. Near Yangon, this is a very beloved place for urban middle-class family. To tell you the truth, Chuang Tha Strand is not as nice as Ngapali or Ngwe Saung beaches.

This is because the sands are not so clean and the promenade is a mess of hotel. But it is an excellent place to watch the people of Burma playing and relaxing on the beaches. When you are here in high seasons and want to get away from the crowd, get a ferry to discover neighbouring isles.

It is not an abandoned sandy spot, but it is clear, shiny and the most accessible in Myanmar. The Kanthaya Strand is worth to meet if you really want to get away from it all. Myanmar Bay (Burma) is untouched and uncultivated, natural, beautiful, empty and really serene.

There' are no seaside activities and businesses, and that's just the major draw. Myanmar's beaches are flat and 4.5 km long. In contrast to the 100 km northern Ngapali beaches, the sands here are gold and pebbly. Tips for you to enjoy your Myanmar holiday on the beach: Myanmar's beaches have their low seasons in the wet seasons from May to October, as it is raining almost every day.

The Ngwe Saung & Chaungtha beaches are available at this period, but the ocean is not very nice and clear due to a lot of silt. Ngapali Beach's most Ngapali Beaches properties are actually shut down. In Ngapali Beaches some of our open air properties are offering very large rebates. Vietnam beaches are the best alternative for a Myanmar holiday from May to October - the best in the summers from May to September.

It is so simple with a quick and inexpensive plane ride from Yangon to Ho Chi Minh town with Vietjet Air. Myanmar Coast Day costumes are a jeans and a T-shirt.

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