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Targeted Outreach Program (TOP) is the leading HIV program of the international health organization Population Services International in Myanmar. Myanmar TOP Center, Yangon, Myanmar. JOURNEY OVERLAND TO MYANMAR. Burmese Cashew Nut Supplier, Burmese Cashew Nut Exporter, Matta Cashew Nut Exporter. Equipped with high-quality designer teak furniture and modern artwork, Aureum Palace Ngapali offers classic Burmese style in Ngapali.


Targeted Outreach Programme (TOP) is the leading HIV programme of the multinational healthcare organisation Population Service Intern. in Myanmar. TOP was founded in 2004 and provides HIV-related healthcare, diagnostics, prevention as well as treatments for at-risk groups, girls and men having intercourse with men (MSM) and women working women (FSWs). The TOP network comprises 18 drop-in centres across Myanmar providing HIV-related healthcare on the basis of a cascaded nursing plan.

Complimentary HIV and STI tests in the 12 TOP centres. Free-of-charge healthcare tests include HIV and STI tests, HIV and STI care, HIV and STI care, birth control and TB tests and care. This is a secure, communal room for men and women who have sexual relations with men.


The Republic of Myanmar - better known as Burma - is a land of variety and many different tongues. For a long time Myanmar was regarded as an ostracized state because of its 1962 army putsch and the appalling balance of respect for people. Today, Myanmar is undergoing slow reform and decade-long global economic and political segregation came to an end in 2012, not least thanks to the democratic warrior Aung San Suu Kyi.

A former British Empire branch, Myanmar has many of the best course locations near the British Empirei. There is tremendous opportunity for a great vacation in Burma and the land is awaiting rediscovery. We want to fully appreciate the full potentials of Myanmar sport play - some studies suggest that there are up to 80 greens in the state - so if you can shed any more light on this issue, we would be happy to hearing from you.

In Myanmar we believe that the best place was created by Gary Player. The Pun Huing Golf Club is situated north west of Rangoon and if you have ever been playing it, please give us a nag.

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