Top Hotels in Myanmar

Best hotels in Myanmar

Yoma Cherry Lodge is only a few steps away from the crystal blue sea of Ngapali Beach. Do you have difficulty choosing a hotel in Myanmar? Situated directly on the river, this hotel offers a beautiful alternative to the luxury giants and box-shaped city hotels. Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar is located in Southeast Asia. The country is a sovereign state bordering Bangladesh, China, India, Thailand and Laos.

Myanmar's top 5 unique hotels

When you think about going to Myanmar, happy birthday! While you may already have a few suggestions about what you would like to do and where you would like to be, let us pick up a wrench and tell you about some very specific hotels that you should definitely consider. What use do we think it is to come to Myanmar if you live in a place that, quite openly, could be anywhere in the whole wide globe?

This has resulted in some of the most exclusive hotels in Myanmar you won't find anywhere else in the game. Two and a half hour cruise from Inle Lake, A Little Lodge in Samkar, off the well-trodden paths. Situated in the small, sleeping hamlet of Samkar, the resort has only 6 rooms.

It is a bungalow built in the Pa-O-Stil ("Pa-O-Style"), the trunk that comes from this area. Don't look forward to many comforts when you come and spend the rest of your life here. Shower, bunk beds and some seriously well-prepared Shan meals are available at the resort. We are sure that your visit here will be truly unforgettable, with the added benefit that it will probably just be you and the host.

Yoma Cherry Lodge is only a few minutes away from the crystalline sea of Ngapali Strand. At any time you can go down to the shore or just lean back and relax on the deck chairs and watch this wonderful area. Shellfish is a must when you're on the shore, but you don't have to look for it long.

Yoma Cherry provides you with the morning fish that is traditionally made. All in all a wonderful chalet, in a breathtaking position to which we have no objections. Mergui Archipelago has become a major tourist attraction in Myanmar over the past year.

Situated in the Andaman Sea with over 800 islets. As a matter of fact, you probably won't be able to see the bungalow when you get close to the water. Although the residence is made of everything that' s naturally, they offer you great amenities and service to make your holiday as pleasant as possible.

Each individual chalet is located on the outskirts of the shore overlooking the tranquil ocean in the cove in front of you. Each of these cottages has its own hammocks so you can enjoy your books and listen to the sound of the bird and crab that have made this place their own.

Only 10 cottages on the archipelago can be found, which can only be accessed after a 3-hour boating trip from Kawthaung. The Hpa-an is in southern Myanmar, about 5 hours drive from Yangon. This is one of our favorite hotels in all of Myanmar.

The Hpa-an Lodge consists of 18 independent chalets, all built in the Karen tradition (the state in which the Hpa-an is located). Opened in the near by during the summers, this swimming pools overlooks the countryside and is the ideal place to relax.

The Pindaya farm house is located in Pindaya, about 1 hours drive from Heho airport, and consists of 5 rooms in a renovated farm house. Aye, the proprietor, opened this charming little property about 2 years ago and since then it has grown stronger and stronger.

She is a very impressing hostess who will do everything to make your experience as enjoyable as possible and even offer a cookery course for those who want to know how to prepare Shan food. Every hotel has something special and different to offer. We are sure that at the end of your visit you will be with each of them, you will not want to go.

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