Top Holiday Destinations in Thailand

Hot destinations in Thailand

Ao Nang Beach. Thailand's Top 10 Beach Destinations One thing that makes Thailand good, it's the beautiful coastline. Here are some of the best sandy areas in the whole wide range of tropic paradises. But with so many choices, it's difficult to know which one is right for you. In this sense here is my selection of the 10 best holiday destinations in Thailand.

Phuket, the largest of Thailand's isles, is a sophisticated seaside destination with million of visitors per year, leading to some very congested shores. Pansea is one of these sandy shores, a small, remote strip of sandy land on the western shore of Phuket. The tick is in all cases - palm coco, water cyan and pearl colouredand.

Krabi is situated between Phang Nga and Trang in southern Thailand. There is a photo of Thailand on postcards, with sandy whitewashed shores nestling against a rain forest setting. Krabi has so many stunning sandy shores that you'll be spoilt first. The Ao Nang Beach, next to the holiday city of Ao Nang, is a good place if you are looking for a convenient ly accessible but surprisingly tranquil and centrally situated spot.

The Railay Beach, which is only reachable by boats from Ao Nang or Krabi, is a good option if you want a little more seclusion - apart from the normal swim and snorkel there is not much to do there, so take a copy with you and just do it. Check out some general information about Krabi to learn more about the region of Krabi in terms of beach and activities.

Koh Lanta is located just off the Krabi coastline and has so far escaped the overdevelopment taking place in many other parts of Thailand. If you drive on the single-lane streets, you still feel like you are in a Thai village and not in a town. The same intimacy persists on the Koh Lanta beach, although crowding is a rare issue.

Kantiang Beach is a good option if you are looking for loneliness, while Klong Dao Beach provides more possibilities in terms of hotel, bar and restaurant facilities. Koh Samui, Thailand's second biggest isle, is located in the Gulf of Thailand. Featuring palm-fringed sandy shores and water of acquamarine, it appeals to price sensitive rucksack tourists and luxurious travelers as well.

There is something for everyone on this beautiful paradise with spas, sight seeing, dive and much more. A lot of people who come to Koh Samui chill out on the beaches during the days before celebrating it at nights. Lamai Beach's lively sunset pubs and dining areas are the ideal place to unwind and soak up the countryside during the sunset.

Coh Phangan is a celebration haven and one of its shores, Haad Rin, is renowned for its monthly full moons outings. But if you want to experience the excitement of night life but still want to be on the shore and catch some sunshine, Koh Phangan and Haad Rin could be the ideal holiday destinations for you.

At the end of the night's celebrations, the gold sandy shores and stunning countryside around Haad Rin Strand are waiting for you. Farther northerly from Koh Samui and Koh Phangan lies the smaller Koh Tao Islet. There are many calm sandy whitewashed Koh Tao sandy shores where you can relax for a while.

For those of you who don't rely on discarded island life, Hu Hin's beach is the perfect choice. Hu Hin's beach is a favourite spot for locals and internationals alike, offering plenty of opportunities to play and relax. The Hu Hin Beach can be very crowded during high seasons, but the closeness to other places and attractions makes it perfect for those who have more to do and see.

Coh Chang, an isolated remote eastern Thai archipelago, is still relatively unfamiliar to foreign visitors, partly because of its isolation and difficulty in getting there. However, as news gets around about this scenic isle, places like White Sand Beach and Lonely Beach become more and more crowded.

Klong Kloi Beach, in the very southern part of Koh Chang, is a paradise with only a few small resort areas hiding comfortably behind the treeline. The Phi-Phi Don and Phi-Phi Leh, together known as Koh Phi Phi Phi, are two isles in Thailand's Andaman Sea. Featuring pristine sand, clear blue water and fascinating jungles, these are typical Thailand isles.

When you are more of the party kind, drive to Koh Phi-Phi Don, otherwise you should choose the relaxed Koh Phi-Phi Leh. You can take a dinghy to Maya Bay in Phi-Phi Leh and relax the whole afternoon on one of Thailand's most beautiful shores, or if you are on Phi-Phi Don and want to get away from the crowd, drive to Phak Nam Bay shore.

Subtle whitesands and the vast expanse of Koh Samet's ocean make this small Thai island a favorite among Bangkok locals who want to flee the capital on weekend. Just 200 km from Bangkok, Koh Samet provides a pulsating night life on the northerly shores and a quieter place for those who live near the south-facing shores.

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