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Myanmar's top destinations

Burma is a big country and there are many long days of travel. Can' t you decide exactly where you want to spend your holiday in Myanmar? Myanmar (Burma) is now one of the hottest destinations in Southeast Asia after opening up to the world. Have you had enough of Myanmar's most popular attractions? Burma is one of the most exotic Southeast Asian countries you can visit this year.

Myanmar's top travel destinations - review of the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, Kin Pun, Myanmar

There is a gold mock-up on a gold cliff on the outskirts of a hill. He has pilgrims pouring in from all over Myanmar to keep a Buddhaha. From the top of the hill, the landscape is magnificent. You can also see and enjoy other places of interest - eremites and friars going to the sanctuary among the horde, porters, men looking for lorries like in a warmongering area.

But the long barefooted march / ascent from the gate of the Tempeltor was simply too icy for me. All over the place, camping, picnicking, who knows what else. Sellers and others offered their goods or service everywhere, so it was more like a square than a sanctuary.

The 5-hour ride to Yangon (1-way) just doesn't seem rewarding, although I did enjoy Bago, which is half way to Kyaikto, so if you choose to go, it might be better to spend the night in the basecamp than on the mountain top (try Golden Sunrise). This may not be so thrilling (or is it more because you see the street disappearing from every bend?), but you are protected from the warm rays and don't have to sit in the rear with everyone else.

She had to sit in the back for seven hours, our leader said.

Burma Top Destinations

Yangon is the former capitol of Myanmar with about 6 million inhabitants, 22 leagues up-country from the Yangon River. Bagan, an antique town with its thousand of holy and historical pilgrimage sites, is one of Myanmar's most important touristic destinations - an hour's fly from Yangon (430 miles) or 30 mins from Mandalay.

Mandalay, Myanmar's second biggest town, is 668 km northern of Yangon. It was founded by King Mindon as the King's capitol in 1857 and stayed only until 1885, when the British banished the country's last king-in-chief. Probably as loved as Bagan as a tourist resort, this is an exceptional and magic water reservoir encircled by the Shan Mountains, the flat water is 20 km long and 10 km broad and is the center of everyday living and cultural activities for the Inthar... Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda, over 1100 meters above sealevel, is about 160 km (5 hours drive) from Yangon.

It' one of the most popular places in Myanmar. Approximately 1 flying hour from Yangon to Sittwe and from there 3 hour boating trip to Mrauk U. It was found in 1430 by King Min Saw Mon. As an old town of the Rakhain kingdom with several architectonic remnants of its magnificent.....

The Putao is a small city in the northernmost part of Myanmar. It is a beautiful resort that is becoming increasingly populated.... It is situated in the most western part of Myanmar, reachable via the Strait of Bagan, one of Myanmar's most well known eco-tourism areas, which has recently become increasingly populated.

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