Top Beaches in Myanmar

Best beaches in Myanmar

The Ngapali Beach is one of Myanmar's most famous landmarks and the most beautiful beach in Myanmar. Some well-established seaside resorts include Ngapali and Ngwe Saung, and some less well-known, remote places such as Gwa and Kanthaya. Delightful seafood with Nice Myanmar beer. The Ngapali beach was recently voted one of the ten best beaches in the world by TripAdvisor. With palm-fringed, pristine beaches and clear water.

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Danny Boyle's movie The Beaches shows the character Leonardo DiCaprio plays in a Thai room in a Thai resort with a card showing the position of a heavenly bath. There are no backpacker travellers and no pubs on this one. Today, in moments that would certainly make Richard angry, you see hourly boat loads of tourist who arrive hourly on the shore, drink, swim and play rules on the sands.

The Mergui Archipelago lies on the Myanmar coastline, where there are over 3000 islets, often abandoned, mostly small and many with small coves, where only one or the other fisher or ape disturb the untouched sands. Reciprocally, Sampan calls these beaches the best in Myanmar. Yet these beaches are not accessible to most travelers to Myanmar due to the limitations and fares for travel to the archipelago.

This should not discourage, however, as Myanmar still has amazing beaches that are more easily accessed than Mergui and more rewarding than Phi Phi in Thailand. For a long time Ngapali has been regarded as the best place for those looking for a Myanmar trip in the outdoors. However Napoli once was, we would say confident that Myanmar's release today provides the better beaches.

Ngapali's two current problems are the extension of the building and the removal of waste. Myanmar's Ministry of Tourism and Accommodation (MoHT) is currently playing with the notion of restricting the opening of new properties to maintain the charms that Ngapali still has. Failure to respect the altitude restrictions imposed by some new establishments has led to the question of whether the Ngapali area should be developed in a horizontal or vertical direction.

Ngapali, Myanmar's flag ship beaches, is benefiting from both the MoHT and travel operator. The Minister of Hotel and Tourism paid a visit to Ngapali a few month ago to take part in a panel and debate, among other things, on the extension of Thandwe International Park. Rejected by the throw he saw, the honorable U Ohn Maung explained that no airports would be taken into consideration until the Ngapali tribe had shredded the garbage.

However, if you take it seriously, Ngapali is likely to maintain its Myanmar No. 1 status for a Burmese seaside vacation and see rivalries arising in the south? Ngapali has so far taken in the lion's share of Rakhine's sun-seekers, but the Gwa Islands soon appear to be challenging its more mature northern sibling.

In fact, in the shady nooks of Nay Pyi Daw and Yangon tourists whisper Gwa secretly as the next big thing in Myanmar..... It is better to go to Thandwe and from Ngapali along the coast street for three inches. Gwa is a fishermen's centre and like many beaches in Burma the Gwa cove is interesting to see, but not suited for sun bathing or bathing.

The Arakan Nature Lodge is currently under development here, a sustained resort with ten delicious chalets scheduled to open in October 2017. The Kanthayar Beach in Satthwa Village is thirty autominutes away. Just five and a half minute ride by road takes you to Zee Kone Beach (not to be mistaken for Zee Khone Village in the south), where Yaewaddy's trekking cottages are currently the best choice for travelers in Gwa.

Burmese tourist trailblazers, so often in search of the best beaches in Burma, have started to arrive on the hard-to-reach Dawei peninsula in northern Tanintharyi. Most of these travelers come from Thailand in the west and west, either across the Kawthaung frontier at the far end of Myanmar or further in the city of Htee Kee in the west.

Similar to Richard in The Beach, when Sampan recently returned to the new Paradise Beach bungalow on the Dawei Peninsula, nomads of all age groups showed up unexpectedly after hearing tales of a mythic paradise bay in southern Burma in Thailand. However, they could not be scared off and soon the employees pinched over the bungalow and created hammocks.

At Paradise Strand there is a distinctive back packer feeling. You will be abandoned to the soft ocean and beaches, almost untouched, except for the scattered equipment of the fisherman who show up at dawn to fish for squids. For the really fearless, Paradise is perhaps already too commercialized.

Then you can go down the promontory by motorcycle, along sand roads and past messy but delightful fishermenfolks. The Ngwe Saung Beaches, 5-6 hours by car from Yangon, has long been a popular place for expatriates who want to be... It' s grubby Friar Chaungtha at the seaside offering a more down-to-earth feeling, but the amount of waste on the shore is spoiling what is otherwise a cheerful and harsh one.

Ngwe Saung can actually take longer from Yangon than Ngapali, which means that many looking for a vacation on the beaches in Myanmar decide to go to Rakhine State and forget "Burma's Silver Coast". It is all the better for those who come to Ngwe Saung and enjoy a more relaxed and relaxed Ngapali area.

While there are still top class luxurious resorts here, they are generally less expensive than those in the state of Rakhine and there are accommodations for price-conscious travelers and backpacker tourists. In Ngwe Saung there are fire shows, motorcycle rentals and at sundown the young men who work in the hotel to enjoy soccer and chinlon.

Shafts are larger and harsher than in Ngapali, making swimming in Ngwe Saung more exciting overall; windsurfing and other aquatic activities can be organised as well. As most of the best places in Myanmar, Gaw Yan Gyi is an exert. You have two options, either go down by Ngwe Saung motorcycle or take the narrow Yangon bus for 10 hrs on a winding street into the delta.

For some years Gaw Yan Gyi has been a calm favorite among the Myanmar population, but only recently has he been visited by non-nationals. Though often known as an isle, Gaw Yan Gyi is actually a southern part of the Ayeyarwaddy region. G7 Plage's basic but luxurious bungalow is the best of all.

There is a sandy area on both sides of the island. The one is the fishermen's cove, the other the "pleasure beach". Bit of fishery equipment is peppery on the beaches, but this is to be anticipated, as Gaw Yan Gyi still does not see himself as a traveler' s goal and therefore the catching of nets is not a matter of preference.

Travelers can take advantage of both the G7's amenities and the beaches while immersing themselves in the town. In contrast to Thandwe or Ywama in Ngwe Saung, Gaw Yan Gyi has not adjusted his cuisine to the needs of travelers by offering food and pizzas, but consists of teashops, breweries and small local eateries.

Happy owners - like in Myanmar - are waving to you from the streets to taste their lettuce before they go for a swim. In fact, Gaw Yan Gyi does not provide the isolation of the paradise of Richard's Isle, but the comforts of a beautiful sandy shore and the charms and friendliness of a Myanmar town.

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