Top 5 places to Visit in Myanmar

Myanmar's Top 5 Sights

It' hard to limit a list of Myanamr's best destinations to 5, but we have:. In support of this, we will review the best top 5 locations in Myanmar. To see Top 4 sights. To visit top 5 places. Middle Class Restaurant: $3-5 Best Historical Places to visit in Myanmar.

Best 5 places to go to in Yangon, Myanmar

Not only is Yangon the biggest town in Burma, it is also the touristic centre with many intriguing sights. A few of Yangon's highlights: SWEDAGONA MAGAZINE swedagona magazine, Botataung magazine, Sule magazine, Bogyoke Aung San Markt and China Town. Botataung paya, which is thought to retain the Gautama Buddha's coat, is located on the banks of the Yangon fortress.

Sule Pagode, 2000 years old, is located at the liveliest intersection in central Yangon. The Bogyoke Aung San Store is another landmark in the Yangon area. As one of the most important municipalities in Yangon, Chinatown is part of urban living. It is only at dusk that the area comes alive for the bustling markets with a hundred stands offering all kinds of produce.

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Top five places to go with your folks.

In contrast to common opinion, traveling with your family can be a great deal of pleasure. These are the best places you can go with your family. Since Myanmar has only recently opened up to the tourist industry, it is most likely a new journey for you and your family. Situated on the bustling roads of the town, the sidewalks are covered with activities and stands - try a glass of Myanmar's specialty homemade fruit or a small glass of cocoa. A rich, deep beverage with cinnamon.

Launceston, the seaside town of Tassie, has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the south of the world, along with some of the best restaurants and sights. Walk in Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park or Freycinet National Park (both nearby) and enjoy the view of the wind-whipped coves. Explore the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery before taking in the city's lakeside promenade, bars and teashops.

The Two up on York is a downtown house just a brief stroll from the center of Launceston and the Queen Victoria Art Gallery. Although Kalamata is better known for its olive trees of the same name, it is the ideal place to stay with your family. Discover the old part of the village and the country market, visiting some convents, church and maybe the historical castle Kalamata.

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