Top 5 places to Visit in Burma

Burma's Top 5 Sights

5 of 162 activities in Yangon (Rangoon). Population: 5 to 5 million. We' ve listed the top 5 and the best places to travel in Burma (Myanmar) to find out which tours include Bagan, Yangon and Mandalay. Hot air ballooning is a popular option for tourists, pagodas and other scenic areas in Burma/Myanmar. On this page all destinations around Myanmar have listed their festivals.


Secluded for centuries and with its boundaries shut, Burma has created intrigues and mysteries in travellers' heads. Today, with the opening of the land to the tourist, Burma has become in vogue and an exceedingly appealing tourist resort. It is a refuge for lovers of culture, lovers of culture and adventure, the legacy of this land is concealed in gold palagodas and old priceless relics.

You can take a ferry or go to Indein Sagar, inhabited by centuries of destroyed stupa. See the morning twilight with the Mrauk U red sanctuaries that have been abandoned somewhere in the jungles of Burma. Walk through the alleys of a small Khani community, one of Burma's rare tribes, before seeing the Shitthaung Sanctuary, the Andawthein Surgery Halls, the round Ratanabon Necropolis, the Dukkhanthein Stronghold and many other sights.

Hovering in the air, the gilded rock seems to be a goldnugget. In order to get to this huge gilded pastry, an incredible climb in a lorry is waiting for you. It' re ruled by the Shwedagon Pagoda, a stunning beaut. At dusk, the shine of its gilded colour looks like melted fluid and gives it a magic sheen.

This is the sacred and sacred core of the land, an unbribable and unchangeable gem that every living citizen of Burma dream of. Featuring 4,000 shrines covering a vast area such as the Manhattan Plain, Bagan is a marvelous archeological site bounded by the Irrawaddy River and hiding marvel.

To watch the sunset over the temple of Bagan from the top of one of its temple or from a warm aeroplane is a truly unforgettable time.

A view of Burma's most breathtaking landscape

Whilst it was the culture and history that first lured me to Burma, I have since found that there is a fascinating landscape there. That is why today I will not concentrate on the goals that are most important for the past or the countrys inhabitants, but on the places that are most aesthetic - but these often intersect.

I think all of the following are a must for your vacation in Burma, but I appreciate that you may not be able to reach all of them! At the top of my shortlist is Inle Lake. The gleaming shimmer of the calm waters is encircled by rugged, pretty rolling countryside and, perhaps best of all, littered with stilted towns and swimming pools.

Staying here for a few get-togethers, you can look forward to some of Burma's quietest scenery. You will also have the chance to see the local people's uniquely one-legged oar stroke and see a convent where the local cat training was done by local kittens jumping through tires! Pindaya is located near Lake Inle and is best known for its breathtaking Pindaya Caves.

But before I speak about it, I just want to point out that it is definitely a good idea to visit the city and see the Pone Ta Iote Lake where it is located (as a little tip the Shwe U Min cave has the best view of the lake).

In all likelihood, Bagan is my favorite scenery in Burma, although what blinds me is more man-made than a wonder of nature. Bagan is home to some 4,400 shrines and stupas and is an antique town, which disintegrates in some places and has an irrepressible charm. Myanmar may not be a well-known seaside resort, but that doesn't mean there aren't seriously picturesque sandy beaches.

I think that's all you want from a shore - think of incredibly clear water, clean sea, beautiful little fishermen's hamlets nearby. Sitting on a mound, this gold Stupa shines at any time of the year. Decorated with valuable gemstones, it is said to be the oldest stupa in the worid, and it really must be seen to be thought.

There is something for everyone in Burma. More information about traveling to Burma can be found in our Budget Backpacking Guide To Burma.

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