Top 5 places to Visit in Burma

Burma's Top 5 Sights

It was rebuilt 5 years later, this time as a monastery. These are five reasons why it is now time to plan a visit. Mandalay also has monasteries, some of which are impressive in style and construction. Paw Hsi attracts the attention of the visitors because of the dawn over Burma: But Haw Nann opens 9-12 and 3-5.

Inle Lake Top 5 Attractions

Lake Inle is the ultimate climax of many visitors' vacation in Myanmar. It is a wonderful place for both wild animals and people and a quieter place for some of the country's busiest towns. However, which places of interest should not be missed during a visit?

Probably one of the most popular tourist sites on Lake Inle and one of the main reason why so many people come. The Inle Lake's 5 Daily Fair turns from one town to the next for a period of 5 nights before it returns to the first and repeats itself over and over again. It is a little bit difficult how you find the situation of the daily fair, but we advise you to ask your hotelier, who is almost certain to know it.

Indein is the most popular local fair (more on this later), but our favorite is Nam Pan. It' s difficult to pinpoint the precise whereabouts of the famed float garden at Inle lake, because as you head out onto the water you'll soon find they're all around you.

They are man-made and are the place where peasants cultivate their crops. They are unbelievable impressing legs, all the more as the peasants roam these parks in paddles and canoes. All in all, about 25% of shores of Inle are now surrounded by these swimming pools, so that only the center is like a sea.

This garden is formed when a peasant catches seaweed in and between trellis sticks, which he has placed well. Seaweed is knitted together over the years and soon becomes a kind of small islet that reaches to the bottom of the sea (sometimes up to 5 meters deep).

If you want to take a true excursion off the well-trodden paths, you go down to the south end of Lake Inle. Boating is half the pleasure, as you walk past towns, swimming pools and much more. On the way you will see sugar cane orchards, wooded bamboos and soon you will be welcomed by stupa that rise from the waters of this largely pristine Pa-O town.

It is a rare tourist destination and contains one of the most beautiful properties in our Samkar area. As soon as you arrive in Samkar, you will have the chance to stroll through this scenic town, which will certainly be a high point of your journey.

The Inle Heritage Stilt Houses is a 6 bungalow resort in the heart of Lake Inle. More important for the visitors is the best Inle Lake restaurants and a non-profit organization that wants to preserve the Inle Lake and its environment.

You can stroll through the bio vegetables gardens, see the Burma Cats Reserve and also admire the small fish tank that shows the residents of the area. The last on the shortlist, but certainly not least the town of Indein. Indein is known for its 5 days shopping, but this is not the only thing you should do.

Indeed, we would go almost so far as to suggest you to stay away from this town when the fair takes place and to come back when it is softer. Indeine is about an hours and a half from Nyaung Shwe, on the west shore of Inle Lake. It is probably best known for the stupa that cross the area.

There you have it, our top five sights in Inle Lake. While we think these places are definitely desirable, that doesn't mean that this listing is final. There is a great deal to discover for the tourist and visitor in Lake Inle and part of the pleasure is to explore it yourself.

Contact us and let us know where you would like to come and let us take you through Lake Inle.

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