Top 5 places to Visit in Burma

Burma's Top 5 Sights

Mandalay, the former capital of Burma, lies on the banks of the Irrawaddy River in the heart of this vast country. The Golden Rock is about five hours drive from Yangon and is connected with a long walk. This is one of the holiest places of Buddhism, visible from almost everywhere in Yangon. Myanmar in general with beautiful places Myanmar! Burma is expected to be one of the hottest destinations in 2017.

Myanmar's Top 5 Attractions for First Travellers

Burma is a mysterious place, filled with wonderful and picturesque scenery all over the world. There may never be a choice of where to go in Myanmar. Discover the five most important sights in Myanmar! It is the second biggest in Myanmar, Shan State.

Known as a Myanmar heavenland, Inle is a place where tribal peoples live a tranquil and nature-friendly life with the one-of-a-kind kick waxing technique. It has the tranquility and elegance that is almost impossible to find anywhere else. Just to visit the landscapes, the sun rise and the sun set over the Inle, create an unforgettable time.

It is interesting that often in Nyaung Shwe the tourist stops to rent a yacht and take a cruise around the magnificent Inle Lake. The two greatest attractions of Lake Inle are its beautiful, calm charms and the unique way it grows legs. The Golden Rock and the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda at 1,100m are a big magnet for the first hike to Myanmar.

This sacred rock lies on the precipitous hillside, but can rest in a miraculous way. According to tradition, it is the Buddha's head that keeps the rock there still and withstands the test of earthquake and wind. It is also overgrown by the gold leafs that give it a shiny appearance from a distance.

It is a must for many people to pay tribute to the Golden Rock and view the impressive landscape from the top of the hill. Mandalay's name first seems to the visitor that this is the quiet and easily recoverable city, but Mandalay also provides the vibrant nooks and crannies with many thrilling overnight outings.

It is characterized by old buildings, lively market, appetising stands, old towns and very hospitable inhabitants. Mandalay has the famed U Bein Bridge - one of the best places to see the most stunning sunsets in the whole wide open space, and the scenic old Amaraputa Village. Myanmar has long been known on the tourist card of Myanmar.

Moreover, the system of Yangon's hotel and restaurant system is even equivalent to that of any major metropolis in the whole wide globe. Yangon's night life is energy enough to delight the parties' soul. It is said that not a single words can fully describe the charms of Bagan - the ancient town, which is full of thousand of venerated and gold-plated churches.

Bagan, like the vast Musée du Ancient et Extraordinary Buddhist Heritage, draws archeologists, travellers and discoverers who come together to view, study and experience one of the world's most important archeological masters. Balloons over Bagan are one of the best tourism destinations that the whole wide globe wishes for the wonderful view.

So if you haven't yet made up your mind where to go in Myanmar, think of the top 5 from Inle Lake, The Golden Rock, Mandalay, Yangon and Bagan. Indochina Charm Travel - the Myanmar Tour Operator since 2008 for Burma tour for the best price!

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