Top 10 Tourist places in Myanmar

Myanmar's top 10 tourist destinations

Mobile phones are as ubiquitous as in any major US city. Here's his top 10 list of places of interest. The State - Hpa An is also one of the most important tourist attractions in Myanmar. What are the top 10 undervalued international destinations? This is Myanmar's most important economic metropolis and also the religious hub.

Burma Road Trip: 10 Sights

In his 30-year long carreer he has travelled the globe for research and as a college agent. Among the many places he has been to, Burma - formally called Myanmar - is his number one. Recent reform and the re-opening to the outside world has increased visitor numbers to the Texas-based country in Southeast Asia.

Now go before the tourists come. Nowadays, all these places have an adequate number of touristic establishments that are suited for demanding travellers. It is a big place, but you get a good impression of it during a three- to four-week-stay. I would suggest to start in Yangon - formerly Rangoon - and use this town as a turntable.

"The huge new capitol is about 235 leagues due to the Yangon. "Lovers of'Field of Dreams' like towns like Brasilia - Brazil's capitol rebuilt from the ground up in 1960 - will find this place particularly interesting; some will experience empty insulation, disaffection and disaffection.


Burma is an excellent place to be at least once in your lifetime. If you are interested in buddhistic churches, couples and Stupa, you should stay a while. It contains many ancient rites and became the capitol of the First Burmese Empire from the ninth to the thirteenthcentury.

Once called a "gilded city" by Marco Polo, it was home to some 13,000 Buddhist monasteries during the golden age of the Aeneolithic. A thousand churches, Stupa's and Piagodas have been preserved, among them the glittering Ananda Temple with its glittering towers of amber. There is a stairway leading to the marquee grounds, which contain several observation decks and Buddha-shrines.

A metropolis, yet not modernised, with Victorian architecture, tree-lined avenues, ponds and gardens and a busy downtown area with welcoming salespeople, colorful stands and traditional Longyi and flip-flap-sandalists. Bogyoke Aung San Square (also known as Scott's Market) is a must for every tourist, as is the splendid Shwedagon Pagoda - Myanmar's emblem.

The first foundation of Shwedagon is said to have been constructed more than 200 years ago, and the pit is worshipped by Buddhists and non-Buddhists equally. It is the gate to Myanmar and has flights to Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpar, Tokyo, Seoul, Doha, Beijing, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Chiang Mai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Guangzhou, Kunming, Nanning, Gaya and Dhaka.

The last royal capital of Myanmar, Mandalay is situated almost 700 km northern of Yangon between the powerful Ayeyarwaddy River and the Shan River Table. The Mandalay is regarded as the center of Burma's cultural life, a town of craftsmen and a commercial center for goods in all kinds of ways. Its geometrically arranged roads, the many cyclists, the 8 km long motte and walls around the former royal palace, the palaces and convents and the frightened Mandalay hill, which towers above everything, are some of its most prominent characteristics.

It is another gate to Myanmar and has flights to Bangkok, Singapore, Kunming and Chiang Mai. Spacious and quiet Inle Sea as one of the most important touristic attraction in Myanmar. In addition to its remarkable scenic beauties, the sea also lures visitors to the stilted buildings of the Intha, the descendents of the Mon from the far South-East.

In a long, small outboat with a loud engine, a traditional tour on the shores of lakeside will remain at the northerly foothills of Inlesee. This excursion also gives you the opportunity to see small studios in stilted towns, several couples and probably a school. Travellers are also likely to see fishers powering their vessels with a pronounced legging style, and other Intha inhabitants of the reservoir tend to eat fruits and vegetables in swimming pools.

Best times to explore Lake Inle are in September and October when Hpaung Daw U and Thadingyug are underway. Taung Kalat is one of the most breathtaking places in Burma, and it was erected on an extinguished cone-volcan. You can see the antique town of Bagan and the massively lonely summit of Mount Popa, the vulcano that created the formation of the mt. coma.

Myanmar's leading holiday destination with sandy beach on the beach of Benal Bay and luxurious resorts. Initially it was intended as a fort because of the thick wall, but the wall was built to shield the temple from the violent wind, not from intruders. You can find temple of stones all over the area.

This mediaeval village was once an important commercial centre and capitol of Arakan. Myanmar's longest tributary, the Ayeyarwady, also known as the Irawaddy, begins high in the Himalayas and cuts up Myanmar on its way to the Andaman Sea. Mandalay-Bagan cruise; both towns feature many churches, palagodas and Buddha-statures.

With a height of almost 114 metres, it is the highest peak in Myanmar. Situated in Bago, the 1000 year old building is decorated with smaller golden decorated marble statues and gazebos.

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