Top 10 places to Visit in Yangon

Yangon's Top 10 Sights

Dine with the locals at 999 Shan Noodle. Yangon Food Tours donates 10% of its profits to support financial education. It is a beautiful, fragile sight of baroque and beautiful buildings built between 1900-1920. The Shwedagon Pagoda is open daily from 4am to 10pm. The Yangon takes between 30 and 45 minutes and costs between US$ 8 and 10.

Myanmar Yangon - Visit the Shewdagon Pagoda and more

Myanmar Yangon - With over 5 million inhabitants, Yangon is the biggest town in Myanmar. So, if you go to Myanmar, you'll probably end up in Yangon. Like every big metropolis, Yangon has its own way of life and is not really a characteristic Myanmar town, so don't rush into Myanmar when touring it.

While I know that some places may seem messy, Myanmar has as much peace and serenity (as in Bagan and Inle Lake) as the hectic! Prepare to come and you will find much to savour in Yangon. I' ll help you in a moment, but how about a short story about Yangon?

Was it Yangon or Rangoon? Earlier known as Rangoon, Yangon didn't get its real name until 1989. The name of the town has always been the same for the Myanmar population. When they were colonised by the Brits, the colonists began to mispronounce Yangon's name, which became Rangoon.

This is the army regime that has chosen to rename the town or return it to its initial shape, from Rangoon to Yangon. Yangon is still Rangoon for the US, for example. Yangon is Myanmar's capitol? Myanmar has been the economical capitol of Myanmar but not the formal capitol of the state since 2005.

As a result, the army rulers have chosen to move the administrative offices of the land to Naypyidaw and designate it as the new formal capitol and headquarters of the state. Located in the centre of Myanmar, Naypyidaw is quite literally nowhere in the heart of the world.

It' s no mystery to anyone that the Rangoon army regime no longer felt secure, given the density of the city's populace and the growing popular-attack. They were planning to construct a completely new town that would become the new formal capitol of Myanmar.

Nor is it a mystery to anyone, and especially the Myanmar population, that they have done so with millions of taxpayers' money. You' re bound to find that Naypyidaw is not very dear to the heart of the Myanmar population. Although politicians are not your thing or you just don't want to discuss it, they will prevail in all your talks if you are planning to visit the state.

Myanmar Yagon - Where to stay? Accomodation in Myanmar can be a little problematic as there are not enough tourists. Here are my 7 favourite places in Yangon. Don't miss the Shwedagon Pagoda when you go to Yangon, it's an absolute must!

Pagodas are places of adoration, where a certain behavioral codex is valid, e.g. concerning the clothing order, for females no naked décolleté is permitted and both genders must be covering their feet.

Don't forgetting to take off your boots and boots when you enter the places of cult you are visiting in Myanmar. Myanmar's population practices Theravada Buddhism. Shwedagon is known for containing relicts of the four illuminated instructors, eight of Siddhartha Gautama's hair. While you can admire these images of the panorama, I recommend you come and see them!

There may be up to half a full page may take up to half a full week, so if you want to, you should schedule in advance, there is definitely a great deal to see. They can go there early in the mornings to prevent any kind of crowds of tourists, or later in the afternoons to see the beautiful lights of the raft.

It is also recommended that you enter the pit through the western entry and go through the eastern one. There is another free sanctuary on your lefthand side if you are a few minutes' stroll away. There is also a viaduct that crosses the river; it is not the best preserved one in the land, but it does its work.

So it' gotta be stable enough to walk. It is interesting to see that many faiths in Yangon exist (almost) side by side as peace. I' m sure you won't miss the wonderful Mosque and Hindi temple in the whole town. You have probably witnessed the Rohingya slaughter, the unclaimed Muslims still prosecuted in Myanmar today.

Indeed, their hardship has deserted the land with an Islam-hostile after-taste that does not seem to go away. However, let's focus on the bright side and acknowledge that Yangon is a multicultural town, with nice missions and hinduistic churches all over the town. Yangon has many stores, but Bogyoke is the best known.

His full name is Bogyoke Aung San, after General Aung San, who is regarded as the founder of the Myanmar of today and whose subsidiary, Aung San Suu Kyi, now serves as chairman of the National League for Democracy. Aung San is the founder of the group. This land is known for its emeralds and rubies and apparently you can get good offers for these if you are interested, although it is probably better to be well aware of produce and pricing before you buy anything.

It is actually one of my favourite places in Yangon because I had many interesting discussions with those bookstores who not only speak good English but were also cultured folk who had shown a great deal of bravery and resolve to protect their liberty. It is a little different from other places of cult in Yangon.

In Chinatown you will probably spend the night if you travel to Myanmar on a reasonable price (4 Rivers Youth Hostel is located there). Yangon is also home to the Sule Wooden Table. The access is not free and I think it was about 4000 Kyat, that's about $3. I didn't go there myself, but here is a photo of it, if you are interested.

Hopefully you enjoyed this diary and that it will help you organize your next journey to Yangon.

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