Top 10 places to Visit in Yangon

Yangon's Top 10 Sights

Fair 6 am & 5 pm daily and 8 am & 10 am on Sundays. View TripAdvisor's 88292 travelogues and photos of Myanmar attractions. It is the former capital of Myanmar and the largest city in the country. The participation fee is 200 MMK and is almost free (10 Cent). To see beautiful places and many elaborate spiritual places.

Irrawaddy River Top 10 Attractions & Sights[Updated 2018]

Irrawaddy Riviera, which runs for 1,300 nautical mile across Myanmar, has become one of the most sought after Asian riverside cruises, with new liner shipping along the country's longest canal. The routes run between Yangon (Rangoon) or Bagan and Mandalay, with memorable vistas of the Pagoda, Buddha temple, village, mountains, jungle, ravines and savannah.

Cruising the Irrawaddy, Burma's longest waterway - almost 900 nautical leash - is its economical life line and provides front rows seating for visiting one of Southeast Asia's most sought-after locations. It connects Burma's large towns and many country towns as it runs from the Himalayas into the Andaman Sea.

You will most likely be visiting Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, on your boattrip. Myanmar is deeply ingrained in the Theravada Buddhism philosophy: good will, friendliness, good will and friendliness. Long, fluent dressed Buddha religious friars and monastics are respected; take photographs only with your consent. On the banks of the Irawaddy you will find a constantly shifting sea of canyons, hills, luxuriant jungle, green paddy fields, small towns with roofs of bamboos, sometimes constructed on stilt, small fishermen' yachts, family on fruit and vegetable sellers, freshwater stamps, abbeys and cloisters - many of them in shining golden or whites - and village people dressed in sarongs, safran friars and sun nies with rosa.

Stations are archeological places full of antique artefacts and remains of the colonisation of Britain, among them fortresses from the second Anglo-Myanmar war in the middle of the 19th cen. This is Burma's second biggest town and last kingly capitol after Rudyard Kipling's poetry "Mandalay" (...An' the sonshine an' the palm-trees an' the slightly temple-bells; On the way to Mandalay...").

It is still the Buddhist cultural centre of Burma, home to tens of thousand Buddhist friars, a series of colourful palagodas and convents and more than 2,500 Buddha pictures, many of which are made out of aluminium. Often cruise ships board or leave Mandalay and offer additional boarding times. Bagan: As a UNESCO Heritage Site, Bagan is the most dramatic town in Burma with its thousand sanctuaries, palagodas and Buddhas, among them the biggest Buddha in the underworld.

Brief Irish Waddy trips (3-4 days) make the trip from Bagan Nord to Mandalay, while some start in Bagan for the trip to Yangon. Rangoon: Burma is Burma’ leading town and the common point of departure for Irish Islanders. It is a good place to see English-colonial architecture side by side with buddhistic religions.

The Irrawaddy Delta is explored by some of our vessels. We' re heading for Irrawaddy, just to the south of Yangon. Others depart from Mandalay or Bagan and head southwards to land in Yangon. Chindwin is a creek of the Irrawaddy, offering a landscape addition to your trip, full of sanctuaries, caves, peaks, canyons, jungle and village.

Look out for the dolphin that lives in the Orcellaella.

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