Top 10 places to Visit in Myanmar

Myanmar's Top 10 Sights

Burma is the sacred land of golden temples, monks in red and ancient monasteries. Myanmar's 10 most important destinations are listed below. Go on a trip to a bizarre drug museum in Yangon. 10: Shwemawdaw Paya 9: Ayeyarwady River Cruise 8: Schedule your trip to the following top 10 Burma tourist attractions!

The 10 most important travel destination in Myanmar

Burma is known as the holy country of Buddhism, where there are many renowned gold coupons, ordinary folk who live a tranquil lifestyle in the country of freedom and also a place for travellers to seek calmness, to move away from wasteful, loud, hectic and bustle. Wherever you go in Myanmar is the issue of many of our guests.

Soon I will introduce you to the 10 best places you can visit when you participate in a Buddhist journey so that you can experience all the beauties of this holy place. When you refer to Myanmar, you think of the old city of Bagan, the city of the first ruling rulers, which King Anawrahta erected in 1044.

These works were constructed from the ninth to the thirteenth centuries with complicated sculpted detailing showing the culture of the Myanmar population. Myanmar's biggest town is quite fashionable, but it still has the classical, tradtional traits. Travellers should stop at the Bogyoke Aung San Fair, the Shwedagon Pagoda and the food on the pavement.

Myanmar is the gate to Yangon with flights to the most important Asian destinations. The Shwedagon Pagoda is the most sacred of Myanmar's Buddha School. Considering the journey to the Shwedagon Pagoda as the Muslims, religious, family, and Buddha people see the need to go to Mecca once in a life time. There are 4 Buddhistic gems in the temple: the staff of Kakusandha Buddha, the Buddha filter equipment of Ko??gamana Buddha, the Shakyamuni Buddha and 8ha.

It is Myanmar's last capitol, 700 km from Yangon, between the Ayeyarwaddy and Shan Plateau. The Mandalay is regarded as the Burmese people's centre of culture, a craftsman's town and also a busy trade town. In addition to regal castles and sacred monuments, Mandalay also offers visits from Amarapura, Mingun, Inwa and Sagaing. 12,000 square meters are available.

One of the most popular and well-known places in Myanmar, the U Bein is one of the places you should go at least once if you have a shot at Mandalay. U Bein is not only the longest wooden deck in the worid, but was also chosen as the best place to watch the sundown.

A visit and observing the setting sun will be a great occasion to relive during your Myanmar-journey. Mandelay Myanmar U Leg Break. The U Bein was constructed to link the two shores of the Taungthaman rivier. The village of U Bein is a well-known place of the Amarapura village people who travel through the viaduct every single second.

Both piles of the viaduct also have many monasteries, so you will also see the friars who walk on the viaduct every day, chat and watch the sundown. Being the most scenic place to see the sun set, you have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful landscape of the sun set from the U Bein Break.

When you walk on the pedestrian crossing, the bright reddish oranges of the colour remain in the skies. This will certainly be a satisfying adventure for one afternoons on the U Bein-Brücke. Located near Bagan in the centre of Myanmar, Popa is an extinguished volume with an altitude of more than 1,500 metres aboveseas.

It' also the most popular in Myanmar. In addition to bathing, hiking, discovering the nearby nature, you can also go on trips, such as a visit to the small fishermen's village and small village market, or explore the scenery with a small and comfortable bicycle, or even take a cruise to the beautiful off-shore isles if you have more than that.

One can say that Ngwe is light as a new target on the touristic card of Myanmar. You can also rent a car/motorbike to discover this 15 km long sandy spot, ride in the area of the rocks and have an easy recreational experience - a walk along the extensive cliff.

In 1430 Mrauk U, the capitol of Acaran, is encircled by lush rainforests and huge hills. It is possible to rent a shuttle from the local people and sit in a 5 hour cruise along the Kaladan riverbank from the capitol Sittwe to the town. The local people here still dwell and grow on the countryside of more than 700 antique shrines.

His best-known place of worship is the Mahamuni Pagoda, where the Buddha halted and the Akarans asked him to make a sculpture of him in the form of an ordinary man. Inle, or Inlay, which in Burmese means "big lake," is situated in downtown Shan State, about 40 kilometres from the southern Shan state capitol, Taung-Kyi.

It is situated at an elevation of 889 metres above sealevel, encircled by high peaks and covers an area of 220 sqkm. Most of the depth of the lagoon is about 6 metres, the levels vary according to the seasons, the differences between the drought period (May) and the full seasons (August) are about 1.2 metres. It is not only a wonderful nature reserve, but also the home of INTHAR (a Myanmar minority).

In Myanmar, INTHAR means "people living by the lake". For millennia, Lac Inle has been the place where all INTHAR's societal activity takes place. The Golden Rock Temple (Kyaikhtiyo Temple) is one of Myanmar's most celebrated landmarks and one of the few remaining works of marvel.

Kyaikhtiyo is situated on the top of Kyaikhtiyo Hill at an elevation of more than 1,000 meters above sealevel and more than 200 km from Yangon. It is situated on an egg-shaped cliff on the prominent hillsides of the Kyaikhtiyo Hill. A lot of folks believe that the sanctuary was constructed during Buddha's life more than 2500 years ago.

It is Myanmar's famed Buddhist place. There is an interesting and enigmatic Buddha myth on the gold rocks, who comes here to teach Buddha. Therefore, although there are a large number of individuals who are visited, worshiped and ceremonials are held. The peculiarity is that the fortified area between the rocks and the soil is only 78cm².

Burma is the holy ground of Buddhism with gold sanctuaries, the friars in old and old cloisters. In addition, many wonderful nature sceneries of this countryside are also the attractions that attract tourists from all over the inland. Walking through the U Bein wood-bridged area, sun bathing on the Ngapali beaches, observing anglers at Lake Inle.... these are the adventures you should try in Myanmar.

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