Top 10 places to Visit in Myanmar

Myanmar's Top 10 Sights

Away from the tourist paths in Southeast Asia: 5 underestimated cities. The temple level to the golden rocks: IS MYANMAR A GOOD PLACE TO TRAVEL WITH YOUR FAMILY? Myanmar, one of the most mysterious countries in Southeast Asia, has retained much of its historical and unique character. Myanmar's top 10 destinations.

Myanmar (Burma) Top 10 Sights

Myanmar's places to visit are full of historical marvels, splendid churches, glorious sand dunes, wonderful landscapes, vibrant market towns and enchanting locals. The time has now come to visit the exceptional country of Myanmar, dotted with gold-plated coupons, where the ancient paths of Asia continue and areas that were previously taboo open up.

Shwedagon Paya, a breathtaking gold cedar on a hillside overlooking the town, is also an ideal starting point to visit Bago and Myanmar's most holy place of worship, the Gorge. Myanmar's core country is home to its greatest asset - Bagan, with its vivid scenery dominated by over 2,000 sanctuaries dating from the eleventh world war.

Mandalay, the second biggest town, lives on new buildings to the west, but is also a good base to explore the U Bein Bridges, the longest teenak bridges in the word, and Inle Lake with its amazing fishers. The Ngapali Beach in the North West is a great place to unwind between the wavering palm trees and in the west of Myanmar the old Mrauk U cedis bear witness to their former prosperity.

They are just some of the best places to visit in Myanmar. To see a full listing, read on for our top ten sights in Myanmar. The Hsipaw is ideal for fast, light walks to intriguing Shan and Palaung towns, but also for demanding walks to rarely frequented them.

Walking to the riverbank or outside the city to one of the hilly Paya's takes the time. All of these stunning religous landmarks are dotted across the city, all in immaculate conditions, and have been enhanced in Burma's typically period gilded styles and vivid glossy colors that believe in their remarkable ancients.

Last-minute snorkeling excursions, watch the fishers at dawn and taste tasty shellfish in the seafront restaurant. Featuring smart accommodations - think of endless swimming pool, classy wooden trellis and terraced sunny areas with continuous ocean view - and village dwellers from neighboring villages, which still exceed the number of overseas guests, this is a small stretch of heaven not to be missed.

The Ayeyarwady riverbank is still an important blood vessel for the million people who are living and working in the communities along its shores two thousand years after the water fed Burma's first projected city. The ferry and cruise ship fleets that cruise the riverbank provide the visitor with a truly spectacular view of the area.

Be it in the luxurious comfort of a teak-lined five-star ship scrubbed on a biplane of the German Federal Reserve to the faraway Bhamo, or a gentle ride upriver from Mandalay to Mingun, the trip along the mud-brown stream is the ageless nature of the heart of the land, one of the country's most formative journeymenu veations.

It is still visible in the temple, monastery, former castle and destroyed ramparts of the former Rakhine capitol Mrauk U, what an astonishing place this sixteenth c. monastery was. Today there are only Stupas and temple, which rise from a rug of blanched gras and bushes - a view, which is particularly nice in the fog of the early mornings.

Between the sandy plains and low rolling countryside in and around the town of Mandalay lie the remains of four imperial capital cities, covering more than 500 years of Burma's riches. Situated only upstream of Mandalay, the massively incomplete Stupa in Mingun is another attraction of the area. Nearly every Myanmar tourist comes here at some point, but Inle Lake is so impressive that everyone gets away with a different one.

Count the number of day, and you'll most likely hit the hotspots: water-bound sanctuaries, busy mountain people's fairs and swimming parks. The majority of tourists to Lac Inle spend the night in stalked resort over the waters ide and on the shore of the lakeside and take trips by ferry to abbeys and shrines, as well as colorful early bird market in the surrounding towns.

When you have more free space, you should explore the more distant parts of the area. Myanmar has no more surprising and breathtaking attractions than the appearance of some 2000 Tibetan Buddha Schools, sanctuaries, shrines and stupas-the remains of the first Myanmar empire to culminate between the eleventh and thirteenth century.

Bicycle the pedals and experience your own adventures in the middle of the not so destroyed churches or hover over the tips of the churches in a warm aeroplane. Bagan can also be reached by a cruiser sailing downstream from Mandalay. It is Myanmar's most multi-ethnic, socio-political and interesting town.

However, it is the abandoned architectural style of the former colonies, the temple and Trishaw's and the busy marketplaces that give the town such a charm. Shwedagon Paya dominates the urban sprawl; it is not possible not to be touched by the beauties of this gold cedar. Though Yangon has much to offer travelers, it is also an ideal starting point for visiting the nearest places of interest and attraction, such as Myanmar's holiest place of worship, the Gorge.

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