Top 10 places to Visit in Mandalay

Best 10 Sights in Mandalay

2. On the Mandalay Hill. Two. Two Sandamuni Pagoda. Two.

Three Kuthodaw Pagoda. Two. Four Mandalay Palace. 6. Take a day trip to the surroundings of Mandalay. 2nd 8 Shwenandaw Kyaung (Teak Temple) Top 10 of the best sights in Mandalay. Recreation in Shwenandaw Monastery.

Best 10 Sights in Mandalay

Today we will take you to the former Myanmar's imperial capitol, which is full of the feeling of ancient times. Myanmar's last empire, the Konbaung Dynasty under the rule of King Thibaw, was ended in 1885 with the arrival of the British colony. Mandalay is the Burmese capitol at the moment. It was a lousy story in Myanmar's story.

Mandalay is now Myanmar's second trading town, but the town is full of Chineses entering from the east of China through the Shan-Goort. While Mandalay alone has many great places to visit, we will show the ten best places to do so.

Known as the Golden Palace Monstery, Shwenandaw Convent has its own singular and great grandeur made up of wood sculptures representing stories of buddhistic legend on all its roofs and partitions. It was once a king's residence by King Mindon. In 1878, after his demise, King Thibaw (the sons of King Mindon) relocated the castle to its present site, thinking that his father's spirit still was there.

It was converted into a convent in 1883. KuThoDaw consists of 729 Stupa, which line up in a rectilinear fashion. It was built in 1860 by order of King Mindon Min. With its 729 records, it is best known as "the largest volume in the world" and is situated at the base of Mandalay Hill.

The Mahamuni Buddha Temple is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the south-west of Mandalay. Arakan is said to have its origins as the but as the mythical that the picture is one of the parables of Buddha, made lively at the times of Budda; two pictures were in paradise, and two were in India.

Although this is a bustling place, you should not miss this place, as it offers you a number of authenticities of central Burma. Situated near the Kuthodaw Pagoda at the bottom of Mandalay Hill. The Sanda Muni Pagoda is renowned for the large picture of the Buddha Sanda Muni Buddha and his hundred sanctuaries with labeled flagstones.

The building was erected as a monument to the murder of Prince Kanaung with three rulers, who was assassinated in 1866. Prince's tombs were laid to rest on the Sanda Muni Pagoda patio. Recently the tombs were transferred to a Mandalay-mouse. The story of the Sanda Muni Pagoda is also very interesting for the local people, because it is definitely interesting.

It' almost 40 minute ride from Mandalay, which stretches across Lake Taungthaman. It will be the culmination of the Mandalay trip to watch the sun set and rise for the travellers and take fantastic photos. A 45-minute walk through a roofed staircase takes you to the top of Mandalay, 120 metres above seagr.

It has taken its name and has been an important place of worship for Burmese Buddhists for almost two hundred years. Travellers can get there by road or on feet. After reaching the top of the peak, you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of Mandalay Town. Sunsets or sunrises over the hillside are definitely a must.

Particularly for the sundown, the ambience around the marina is quiet and serene. The places we mention above were mostly constructed with forests, because there was plenty of timber at that age. In contrast to other shapes of the convent, the Maha Aung Mye Bon Zan convent was constructed of bricks and plaster. In this case "Mal Nu" was the queen who constructed this convent and "Oak" means masonry.

In 1838, the 1838 quake struck most of the essential part of the edifice, which included this cloister. The town of Mingunell is in the Sagaing area of Mingun, about an hour and a half's drive from Mandalay. Most of the photos are taken by local people and aliens. This is the last king's residence of the last Myanmar empire, the Konbaung Dynasty.

His Majesty is the last royalty of the Myanmar Empire before its capture by the British colony. During the Second World War many places of the ensemble were bombed, but only the Imperial Mints and the Watchtower were preserved. Today it is a touristic destination and the centre of Mandalay.

The majority of the places are checked by the army for safety reasons, but the King's principal coinage is open. Mandalay Palace has a lot to do: climbing up to the watch tower with an view of Palace and Mandalay, try the feeling and catch the snap. There is a popular place to buy handmade juices and to learn how is made.

In the mornings the markets are very bustling with vendors and purchasers (traders), as the major businesses take place at that particular moment. However, this is not a touristic destination, it is usually overcrowded with locals and travellers. We suggest that these ten places of interest are the best for our guests, but Mandalay has many sights and activities to offer.

Be sure to put on your scandal (or slippers) and make sure you keep your knees and your shoulder covered, especially for girls when visiting the Mandalay area and places of worship.

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