Top 10 places to see in Myanmar

Myanmar's Top 10 Sights

Myanmar's top 10 attractions. A view of Sadan Cave, Myanmar. Taw Gyaint Waterfall, Burma. You can find the top 10 destinations in Myanmar and their short notes here where to go on your Myanmar tour. The Mandalay is the kind of place that people use as a traffic junction, but leave as soon as possible.

The Myanmar itinerary and 10 things you need to see/do

This ( "very long") piece contains my Myanmar route and how to organize your journey to this wonderful province, which includes the 10 places you must see in Myanmar (at the end of the article). When I explored Cambodia, I was initially in a great ethical predicament about Myanmar and a possible visiting a land where liberty was reserved for the unlucky and where local people (including Aung San Suu Kyi and the Moustache Brothers) were wrongly detained for criticizing the state.

This was a difficult choice, I could have immediately gone to Bali and chilled on its beautiful sandy shores, or I could have followed my instincts to discover yet another land on my 23-month life-changing trip. I called Myanmar and I had to leave. A traveler of ethics who tries to show due regard for other culture while travelling and certainly supports those who try to be outward.

That' s why I had to go to Myanmar and that is why I am hoping that after reading my story you will want to book a flight to this unbelievable state. Burma only opened to tourists in 2012, and this has two effects on your itinerary: First, there are still parts of Myanmar that you cannot see as a visitor.

Some parts can only be visited under the watchful eye of a tour leader. Since I think you should always know a little about the place you will be going, I always suggest you read a book about the area. The choice of a itinerary for a trip to a particular destination is critical for a good period there.

Therefore, especially if you have little to spare your travel to Myanmar, your schedule will be an important part of your itinerary. My stay in Myanmar was 3 week, at a slow speed and only by road. I would have liked to see other places, but I have not managed to get to them for various reason, but I know that one of these days I will come back to see them.

When I left Cambodia, after much research, I made the decision to move in and out of Yangon in a large area around Myanmar. In Mandalay I could have ended up like other travelers, but I would have lost some interesting places I wanted to see, and there is always a high fee for one-way tickets, so I have chosen to go to and from Yangon.

Obviously, the fewer nights you spend in Myanmar, the more difficult this ribbon becomes, so it's up to you to decide whether you want to make a few dollar savings or maybe jump over one or two of the following highscores. P.S.: As I said, I traveled by road, there are also domestic airfields to which you can go if you are in a rush or want to spare your journey between stations.

Second, I am fond of the low speed (in Myanmar it can be very low!) and I see the whole wide open area. I' ve always been against those who hurry through the high points to get them off an aggressive schedule, so I always urge them to see less but better.

I would not recommend that you go to Myanmar, for example, if you only had 7 working nights (my route below needs at least two weeks), because the trip through Myanmar is sluggish and you really would have to jump over some important things. In general, 10 or (better) 14 working day will be a long period of the year.

One of my friends who was there in 2012 when they opened the border said to me that the mood was sombre and profound, it was as if the clock had stood still and everyone was frightened and fearful of the distant world. Some of the folks were open to aliens and it was good to see how hard they tried to welcome me.

Observe the golden glow of the Shwedagon Pagoda at dawn, one of the oldest and holiest Buddhist sites in Myanmar and the rest of the globe. While some of the houses are better renovated than others, some have a colorful appearance, most of them tell a story from a bygone era. For a few days I stayed at Little Monkey Hostel, where I meet some of my best friend during my trip (hello Percorra!) folks I later catch up with in other parts of the run.

While in Myanmar, I took a coach to Ngapali Airport, where I spent a few nights by the sea to think about my journey, my life and my spirit.

I' ve also taken the liberty of falling in touch with myself again. In Ngapali Beach I stayed three days and during this period I did little research up and down the Ngapali Highway and the adjoining sands. One thing you need to know is that Ngapali is mainly a holiday destination and the rates are quite high in relation to the remainder of Myanmar and Southeast Asia.

When I was at the end of my journey, I went to the Ngapali beaches on a moderate price and even added an additional evening as I could divide my room with another woman on my last and third nights. NOTICE: The Ngapali beaches are not really opened by its Mediterranean monsoons:son (usually mid-May to late September), and that is no wonder, because the Myanmar monsoons mean continuous wet.

Generally, if you can, schedule your journey to Ngapali Strand outside the monsun. At the Memento Resort during my stay at Ngapali Strand. This was a basic beachfront lodging, nothing unusual, a little pricey, but as I said above, above the regional standards, so I can't really make a complaint.

There once was a sanctuary harbor. It is quite certain that you will see some Buddhist monasteries while you are in Bagan, and that is one of the major reason why they come here. Although it is one of the most loved travel locations in Myanmar, Began received me with an unbelievable feeling of tranquillity and serenity.

As I researched for this piece, I was reading somewhere that today there are only 4/5 sanctuaries that you can ascend to see this unbelievable nature show while most of them were open last year when I was there. It is unlikely that you will be able to arrive at your lodging before 1/2 o'clock, so make the most of your stay as you are already up.

I am obsessed with a lot of things in my life in Asia or all over the globe. Here humans unite, swap goods and talk to each other. Myanmar Treasure Resort: It can be very exhausting to wake up before dawn and walk around in the burning sun, so I and my crew decide to have a cool aftersnoon of swim and cocktail in this area.

More information on bus and plane bookings can be found at the end of this section. For whatever reasons, make sure you include this place in your travelplan. In the past, the locals (known as Itha, i.e. the kids of the lake) lived only on the water resource, so the tourist industry in the region has significantly increased its facilities.

To Inle Lake at sunrise: another early ascent - it seems Myanmar was the land where I woken up the most before sundown! But, for my part, I have seen men using this technology in other places where they didn't model for the tourist cams but just fished. Discover the palafit stores and go back in time: while industrialization and globalization is taking place at Lake Inle and the remainder of Myanmar, it seemed to me that there was a keen wish to keep their ancient tradition going.

As you take your leisurely stroll along the lakeside to discover the crafts stores, complete with the blacksmith, you will have the opportunity to roll your own flavored cigar/cigarette or see the Lotos weavers. Lotusweaving is seldom because it is super laborious and tough, but in the linking store you will find beautiful scarves and fabrics (which went far beyond my backpack budgets at that time!).

It is still a half-discovered jewel in Myanmar, which I am almost afraid to divide here and then see every single working days on Instagram or the like. Last year I was there, there weren't many folks. The best places of interest are here in Mandalay, the second biggest town in the state.

At sunset, U Pein Bridge: With a length of 1.2 kilometres, it is the longest teak wooden deck in the canal. A day excursion to Mingun: Mingun Bell is one of the heavyest bell in the worid and is thought to be about 200,000lbs.

Today it is one of the most remarkable tourist attraction in Myanmar. There''s no better way to end your journey to Mandalay than to watch the sun set over Mandalay Hill. They' ll come to you to talk about your home land and practise their English.

It is a great chance for exchange: to learn more about being a Buddhist friar in Myanmar and to sharing a little of your life with the receiving population. This was the first and last I had a really hard ride. For a few more nights in Yangon, I wandered the roads, took (thousands) of photos and worked out of my youth hostel and various cafés before leaving for Bali, my next and last stop on my unbelievable itinerary.

That is my route and I have the feeling that this is the first place I have seen enough. Most of the counties should be revisited at least twice in their lives, and I am hoping to return to Myanmar one of these days, perhaps when new parts of the county open up to other people.

SOME INFO & FACTS TO PLANN YOUR MYANMAR ITINERARY: Not so long ago, cell telephones were virtually non-existent and $2,000 could be the price of your phone number. The boyfriend who came to visit me in 2012 said that my arrival in Myanmar means leaving the rest of the worid, and in fact I haven't heard from him for a whole months while he was there.

During my journey I purchased a locally available SMS in every county and made no exceptions in Myanmar, where I purchased a 14GB Ooreedo SMS for 22500Ks (then). There are several ATM' s where you can make withdrawals and make payments by means of a debit or debit cards. Myanmar is something I immediately think of when asked about Myanmar.

If you are in a land where travelers are still like rose flamingoes in a big metropolis, you are likely to be taken pictures, encouraged to talk and usually supported with clues or suggestions. One of my most remarkable ones in Myanmar are those I spend with the group. In the Shwedagon Pagoda I recall the days when a whole familiy chose to join me while I was discovering the Stupa, or one of the coach stations where two very young offspring served next to their father, I still recall the days when Aung was sitting next to me observing the sun rise on one of the temples.

To me, his smiles are Myanmar's smiles. Backpacker tourism through Asia - or anywhere in the whole wide globe where there is a linguistic obstacle - it is simple to land in groups of other travelers and stay together for a day, a week or even a month. To be in a group makes it more difficult to get in touch with the locals and that's why I always like to spare myself alone.

TIP: If you are an open and talkative man, you will have no problem to connect with the natives, always keep in mind that what might be common in your own land can be insulting, strange in another (learn the tradition before you leave!). You should also be cognizant that not all Myanmar speakers are English speakers, so you may need to talk slow and say what you want to say several time.

Essen and STARFOOD in Myanmar: I spent most of my journey sitting on a small stand. I can' t control my interest in trying out new things and tastes most of the year. I' ve never had a meal issue except once in Chiang Mai.... But on the other hand I think that after so many month in India and Asia my tummy has become resistant to everything.

Poor  News - Myanmar is much more costly than the remainder of Southeast Asia because it is a developing nation, which means that it is still one stage behind its neighbours in terms of facilities, accommodation and service. Favorite'package holiday destinations' such as Ngapali beaches can be up to $100 per overnight for a 2-star resort (although there are a few guesthouses there).

The strangest half-hour gap between Myanmar and its timezone is 6.5 GMTs. Myanmar outlets should be the golden norm - most outlets have several adapters for 2 pole connectors in Europe and the United Kingdom as well as my own 3 pole one.

I' m traveling with the Apple World Traveller Adapterpack, which makes things even simpler. With a rucksack you are better at traveling than with a case - that's what I think wherever you go, because overcrowded means of transport, staircases, delays and everything in between can put the brakes on you a notch.

Or, in Bernard Shaw's words, "I don't like being at home abroad" and that means the big shackles, the westernization of Asia, the 7/11 and McDonalds of the global economy. Burma still has a touch of authenticity and authenticity, but as I have seen in many other parts of the country, it won't be long before it changes and adapts to the needs and desires of the tourist.

So don't hesitate and see it before the tourist industry, technologies and multinational networks turn the real face of this unbelievable world! Myanmar Top 10 Activities: That' s it - my extra-long story with a Myanmar route and 10 top themes is over. Were you in Myanmar?

Notice: In this travel plan of Myanmar there are partner-left.

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