Top 10 places in Myanmar

Best 10 places in Myanmar

Fifteen best sights in Myanmar: Explore our recommended destinations in Myanmar (Burma). This is exactly what Kyaiktiyo is; a huge golden rock with a pagoda at its top. The question of many visitors is where to go in Myanmar. Yangon Circle Train offers visitors an easy, affordable and relaxing way to experience the places and sounds of local life in Yangon.

Myanmar's top 5 most beautifull places - 13.10.2014

Myanmar, or the Golden Land, is still one of the relatively unspoilt lands and full of thousand of nature and architectureonders. These are the top 5 of the most attractive places in Myanmar that will help you select your destination(s)! 400 km north of Yangon, in Shan State, is the Inle Sea, a tranquil sea encircled by ancient communities, mostly populated by members of the Intha and Pa-o people.

It is without a doubt one of the places not to miss when travelling in Myanmar. Cruising on a tradional ship forward by the pure power of a rowing canoe, you will explore the tradional stilted houses and many swimming pools with wonderful lotuses.

Enclosed by countless churches and convents, Inle Lake provides a great way to explore Myanmar. Golden Rocks, also known as the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, is 6 hrs from Yangon. From the patio directly under the rocks you can admire a magnificent panorama during your outing. Located in central Myanmar, 150 km from Mandalay, the countless Stupa and Pagoda of Bagan provide an astonishing scenery with tens of thousand of dispersed as far as the eye can see.

It was established in the ninth quarter, but it was not until the eleventh quarter that the building of Stupa and Pagoda began under the rule of Anawratha. Today there are several ways to explore this architectonic splendour. If you are an adventurer, it is also possible to explore the Stupa by bike.

Among the animal species, the macaque apes should be mentioned, which have become a touristic highlight on Taung Kalat. A 30-minute climb up to the top of the hill is Taung Kalat Monastery. Burmese often make pilgrimages there to honour Myanmar's 37 great ghosts of good and bad.

The Taung Kalat summit offers breathtaking views. Relax and finish the trip through this wonderful land - what could be better than a brief stop in a lush green world? It looks westwards, which means that there is not so much daylight in the mornings, but a nice sundown in the evenings.

You can take a relaxed rest under the palms, swim in the Indian Ocean, snorkel, fish or visit the near isle before returning home refreshed and well-restored.

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