Top 10 places in Myanmar

Best 10 places in Myanmar

It is one of the most spectacular places we have ever visited. Top 10 sights in Asia. Myanmar, with almost 2000 km of continuous coastline, hides various treasures with white beaches and blue water. MUJAMAR: 10 PLACES TO VISIT. Luang Prabang, Laos top 10 highlights.

Best 10 seats in Pyay

Shwesandaw' s pyay is known. Zhwesandaw means the golden hair relicts. It is located on the east shore of the Ayeyarwaddy River and Myanmar's most revered waterfront. Mya Thi Htin was the former name of the cemetery. Dazaungmone (November-December) is usually taken out of the room every year and solemnly guided through the town every three years so that the faithful can worship and worship her with their own ears.

High above Pyay rises Sehtatgyi Paya, a huge (maybe not 10 floors, but) sitting Buddha, who goes face to face with the Shwesandaw Paya, who seems to watch over it. Bawbawgyi Paya and Bebe Paya cubes are located outside the wall just outside the town. Bawbawgyi Paya's tile and gypsum is over 45 metres high and is the oldest monument in the area.

Siramyethman Paya means'Paya with gold glasses', a cooling down to a large blank face inside the Shrein. In the Buddha picture there are glasses with a gold rim. There' s a saying that this picture can heal diseases especially for the eye. Shenattaung Paya means'Golden Spirit Mountain'. These pagodas date from the Sriksetra age.

It dates back to 283 BC, from where it was rebuilt by many Burmese monarchs with the help of native ghosts, where a large annual celebration of pagodas is celebrated on the full month of Tabaung (February/March). Situated on the other side of Pyay over the Nawaday Bridge.

Pagodas are quiet and you can sense the natural beauties. One of the four edges of Thayekhittaya was once marked, but this tall standing pit ot probably originates from the fifth or sixth cent. Today's Hi (top of the stupa) is illuminated at dusk and is half a nautical miles eastward of the school.

The Akauktaung Mountain is located on the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy River in the Bago Division just south of Pyay. Various Buddha image dimensions and style are engraved in the bench walls and visitors can ascend and view the Akauktaung Buddha image on the top of the bench.

One of the highlights of a Pyay trip is certainly Thayekhittaya (or Sriksetra) - the old capitol of the Kingdom of Pyu in the fifth to 9th centuries. Behind spiny shrubs with gorgeous blossoms are several old Pagoda like Patagyi and Bawbawgyi.

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