Top 10 Myanmar Travel Destinations

Myanmar Top 10 Destinations

The Shan State is not usually ranked among the top 10 tourist attractions in Myanmar. Locomotives: $10-25 (luxury seats/sleepers) Discover the best attractions of Myanmar (Burma), iconic landmarks, hidden gems and unique must-do experiences. Le meilleur du Myanmar sur la route (10D9N) Tour. Top 10 reasons to visit Myanmar. Burma is the newest destination on the Southeast Asian backpacker trail and for good reason!


It' a good opportunity to get a glimpse of Myanmar's landscapes and smaller cities. Myanmar's Inle Sea in Shan State draws a large number of tourists every year as the locals have a distinctive way of life and wonderful countryside around the area. Nyaung Shwe is the best starting point, from where it is very simple to rent a boat for outings.

Red Mountain Winery is situated just outside the city. Mawlamyine ( "Moulmein" by the British), like Yangon, was a former British city and the former capitol of Lower Burma. Today the city is surrounded by old houses from the colonisation period and there is a nice but slightly run-down boardwalk along the river bank, which is a great place to observe the sundown.

Its most important sights are the Saddar Cave and Mount Zwegabin, both in the immediate vicinity of the principal village. It is the last imperial capitol of the land, which draws the visitor more for its past and present than for its esthetic attractiveness. It' s warm and dirty in the centre, but on the edge of the centre there are some antique cities and remains as well as the legendary U Bein bridge.

There are very few people on the enormous sandy beaches that stretch from skyline to skyline, so you often have the feeling that you have the whole sandy area to yourself. Pathein, once a busy city, is only an hours away. They founded Pyin Oo Lwin (which they called Maymyo) as a city on a slope where officials could flee the hot weather at depth.

It' s simple to understand why; the city has a quiet, chilly atmosphere and is luxuriant with woods and bush. Situated on the Irrawaddy River, Pyay was founded in its present shape by the British Irrawaddy Flotilla Company, but the city' s roots are even older. Situated about 8 kilometers from today's Pyay, Sri Ksetra was the Pyu people' s city.

Ngapali Myanmar's only "resort style" seaside holiday is currently known for its high class hotels and unspoilt shores.

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