Top 10 Myanmar Travel Destinations

Myanmar Top 10 Destinations

One of Myanmar's most incredible sights. The Kakku: a road that is less used. For a comprehensive overview of what you should not miss on your journey to this magical land, here are the 10 famous tourist attractions in Myanmar. The first Burma - now Myanmar - has slowly but surely become a tourist destination in recent decades. Discover the TOP 10 of the best destinations, sights and attractions in Myanmar (Burma) for your holidays!

Discover the top destinations, sights and places of interest in Myanmar (Burma) for your holidays!

Find the top destinations, sights and places of interest in Myanmar (Burma) for your holidays! Burma is one of the most enigmatic countries in Southeast Asia and has preserved much of its historical and singular nature due to its richness in culture and geography. Experience the great sights in Myanmar and the beautiful beauty of the land.

Myanmar Top 10 Tourist Attractions

In recent years Myanmar has become one of the hotter destinations in Asia. There are many factors, such as the expansion of touristic infrastructures and a more open approach to policies for travel. In particular, the immigration to Burma has been made easier by the immigration of the touristic eVisa since 2014. For a complete list of what you should not miss on your Burma trip, here are 10 of Myanmar's most popular sights.

The Pindaya Caves, located on the outskirts of the city of Pindaya in Shan State in eastern Myanmar, are a holy place of Buddhism sanctuary. Scattered in the depths and darkness of the cavern are several hundred Buddha sculptures and sculptures, the oldest dating back to 1773. Rumour has it that if you walk to the other end of the Pindaya Caves, you will be taken to the former Myanmar capitol Bagan, a hundred kilometres to the east.

It is one of Myanmar's most distinctive touristic sites in relation to Burma's historic architectural heritage. The monastery of Shwenandaw is an excellent place for travellers interested in Burma's reign. Mt Popa is one of the top hard-to-conquer tourism destinations in Burma. When you are on the summit, you can take in the stunning views of the surrounding area, which can be a climax of your Myanmar trip.

Situated at the base of Mandalay Hill by King Mindon Min, the Neckar is known for the largest volume in the history of the word, a magnificent 729 stamped inscriptions. There' s also a huge gold-plated Stupa, 57 metres high, modelled on the Shwezigon pit near Bagan.

It is the second most important archaeological site in Burma. Despite its nickname "Little Bagan", Mrauk U is still one of a kind. At first, the structure of Mrauk U was made of thick rock to withstand the violent wind, while the Stupa in Bagan was made of bricks.

While Mrauk U is less frequented than his sibling Bagan, it is still one of Myanmar's most popular touristic sites, especially suited for those who want to leave the well-trodden trail in Myanmar. The Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, known as the Golden Rock Pagoda, is always on Myanmar City' s shortlist of major touristic sites and is considered one of the most peculiar places of worship in the whole country.

This" in defiance of gravity" gold-plated cliff is also one of the holiest places of worship in the land of the Golden Temple. When you are a buddhistic fan, a Kyaiktiyo Pagoda trip will certainly be a great honor. It is only Lake Inle, which is not a place of worship in Myanmar's top 10 tourism complex.

Lake Inle is a great place to find peace and quiet when you travel around Burma. There is no Myanmar journey without a short stay at Shwedagon Lagoda, the largest shadod. Magnificent 100m high, gold-plated Stupa is so solid that it can be seen from almost every part of Yangon, even at nigh.

It is best to go to Shwedagon at daybreak or at sundown to prevent groups and take in the views of the area during your Burma outings. It' s hard to see why this unbelievable archaeological site is at the top of 10 of Burma`s most popular touristic sites. In the past, there were over 10,000 sanctuaries, couples and convents on a plateau slightly bigger than Manhattan on the Irrawaddy River, Bagan from the ninth to the thigh.

There are a wide range of ways to explore Bagan, from hiking, cycling, motorcycling, tuk-tuks to rough rides on the powdery and rough roads. Ballooning over Bagan can be a great option for a luxurious trip. Burma has an immense appeal for travellers from all social classes of the globe.

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