Top 10 Hotels in Yangon

Best 10 Hotels in Yangon

The hotel is located in Chinatown, just 10 minutes walk from the Central Business District, Yangon General Hospital and City Mall St. John. We found the best hotels near Yangon University starting at AU$23/night! Browse maps, photos and guest reviews of 1651 hotels in Myanmar. This city already has some great cheap accommodation options with more popping up every month.

Top 10 surfing destinations in Southeast Asia.

Fiji solar-powered windsurf resorts combine environmental consciousness with luxurious facilities | Style Magazine

Hidden on the picturesque Malolo are the Six Senses Fiji, which opened their gates in April. The pictures of the Resorts carry all the characteristics of an archipelago heaven, from high rocking palm trees to colored sundowns and crystalline bluewater. However, this lovely place is anything but unique thanks to its dedication to sustainable development and minimizing its effects on the environment.

The Sixenses Fiji even has the biggest micro grid in Fiji with Tesla cells. We use low performance filtering in our indoor and low pollution refrigerants in all our A/C systems. In the mansions, climate control is switched off as soon as the door is opened to save electricity.

We have also made progress in the field of solid wastes, from a system based on seeptic tapeworms to a biodegradation program that cuts down on wastes by turning grocery wastes into fertilizer. The wastewater is even processed so that it can be used in the watering system. It follows best practice in various other areas, from the employment of Fijians to the cultivation of its own herb and vegetable crops in a dedicated vegetable orchard.

It also provides products to help the resorts make their own tonic, gingerbread and probiotic products locally. There are even household goods and crafts by Fijians who live in isolated towns. It' recreating to see that the resorts managers have deliberately considered ways to enhance not only the experiences for visitors but also the lives of the local area.

Relaxed stay in Shangri-La

Instead, they opt for relaxed stays in luxurious inns. Stays are ideal for those who want to go on holiday but don't have enough free travelling space. They take a full outing to see the attractions of the town and then remain in a motel so they can unwind with less hassle, less travelling and less work.

This past week-end I was asked to spend the nights in the 5-star Shangri-La as part of the'Monsoon Special Staycation Package'. It is only available on Sundays and I have decided to spend Sunday nights. It is the town' s warmest and best in town. Opened as Traders Hôtel in November 1996, it was renamed Sule Shangri-La in 2014.

With 474 rooms, the hostel is just a few steps from the city's 2,000 year old Sule Pagoda symbol. Hospitality designs combine effortless modesty and sophistication. I began my week-end with a fast 20-minute taxi trip to the motel, without transport, as it was a Sunday.

Upon arrival, Kay Thari, a kind head of communications at the hospital, took me to the front office to collect me and take me to my room. It is also linked to the Sule Square Mall, so you can shop and eat right on your front door. Monsoon Staycation Package provides a luxury room and I have ordered one with a look at the town.

It wasn't a good sight. On the other side of the street was built overlooking the Shwedagon Pagoda in the foreground. There was still a different perspective than at home. The Shangri-La offers a fitness studio on the fifth level with running machines, bicycles, weight and much more.

The gym entrance is provided in the kit and you can complete your training at any hour of the morning. I' ve registered for a free spasession that is not part of the pack. I' m choosing an aroma therapy olive bath (US$50/hour) and choosing my favourite fragrance from the bar.

I was taken to a massageroom for one with a bathroom and showers by the massager. I' d gone under the sheet and the massages started. I am really grateful that the physiotherapist Aye Aye Htwe gave a great massaging and was not a conversationalist. The majority of hotelpools have a heavy odour of chloride, but not this one.

Entrance to the swimming pools is also part of the stay packages. After my massages I came to the swimmingpools. I' ll take the cosmopolitan week-end snack bar for supper at Café Sule. And I picked a desk with decent seats overlooking the street. Next mornings I went to Café Sule for breakfasts, which was part of the parcel.

All in all, the Shangri-La stays are 99 dollars for two persons and the costs are really high. I would definitely suggest a rest from daily hassle with a relaxed holiday pack.

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