Tonkinese is the result of crossing a Siamese with a Burmese and therefore has characteristics of both breeds, which are very loud and active. Tonkinese: The Tonkinese have a winning personality, which is not surprising as the Burmese and Siamese are appreciated for their temperament. Find out everything about the Tonkinese race. The Tonkinese are a mixture between the Siamese and the Burmese, they are sociable, playful and can be a good choice for families with children. From or in connection with Tonkin, the northern part of Vietnam.

Race profile: Tonkinese

This Tonkinese character makes this race a favourite pet. TONKINESEN are absolutely certain that people were brought to earth to like them. Smart and generously with her affections, a Tonkinese will monitor all activity with inquisitiveness. Tonkinese is a real talent at creating and experimenting with the game, using favourite playthings to interact with other domestic animals - or even people - or to enjoy the fun of catching and hiding.

The Tonkinese kitties are very funny, but even grown-ups have a tendency to stay cheerful all their lifetl. Tonkinese quickly takes over the management of your house and your live! TONKINESEN understand each other with kids, other cat races and canines. The two Tonkinese will keep each other in good humour and reduce the nonsense that only a dull Tonk can get into.

Someone who is sage will be listening to a Tonkinese.... or the kitten may find another way to use it. Tonkineses are pretty, medium-sized females, surprisingly strong and well-built. The Tonkinese is available in 12 different colours and patterns. There are four basic colours, the colour of the extreme (face, ear and tail), which are known as " dots ".

" Fur pattern refers to the contrasts between the colour of the skin and the dots. There are four basic colours: platinum, champagne, nature and azure. They are pointed - which have a high degree of contrasts between the extreme and the human organism and usually have dark brown eye; mink - which have middle contrasts and aquatic eye; and solid - which has a low degree of contrasts between the human organism and the limbs and darker, moreover, yellowish grey eye.

Platinum Mink, Champagne Point and Blue Solid are just a few of the colour samples. Though new in contemporary rivalry in the 1980' s, this is the same race used in The Cat-Book Poems of Siam during the Ayudha period (1358-1767) and introduced to England in the early 1800s as "Chocolate Siamese. "In the United States, Tonkinese and Burmese can traced their beginnings back to Wong Mau, a small walnut coloured female introduced to California in 1930 by Dr. Joseph Thompson.

Tonkinese, which we know today, were born in the 1960' and 1970' from the races Siam and Burma. The breeder wanted a more temperate race than the extreme of the two parents, and they wanted the new "mink colours" with aquatic looks. Tonkinese was the first purebred cats with an aquatic pigment.

Then the further departure to Siam and Burma was over. The choice of a new cat is an important choice for the whole group. As a rule, growers provide kitties aged three to four month. Cats need 12-week old to get good habit from their mothers and brothers and sisters, giving them the socialisation and assurance they need to go to their new home.

Maintaining a Tonkinese kitty is relatively simple. Tonkineses think everyone is their boyfriend and has no defence abilities, so they are only an inmate. A lot of growers already have gelded or gelded cats before they set off to their new home. It is wise to make your home "cat-proof" with a new kitty, just like a two-year-old baby.

Talk to your Tonkinese breeders about the choice of feed and litters to make the transfer easier. Please ask the secretary of the Breeding Council for further information.

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