The GCCF Online > Cats Online Tonkinese is a relatively new race, which is the product of a Siamese cross with a Burmese and therefore has features of both cats. Tonkinese is a medium-sized female with a body of a different size. It has a softly curved shape with a middle key, which is neither pointed nor quadratic.

Expanded and tapered to a round tip on a large base. Favourite eyes for show crabs are greenish-blue, but they can vary from it. It is well poised, strong and well muscled and the back slightly ascends from the shoulder to the trunk.

Initially they were invented in America in the 1950' and were named "Golden Siamese", but the race did not start and was ignored. Only in the 1960', when they resurfaced and were named Tonkineses, did their fame grow and they became favourite domestic animals and showgirls. Sturdy tonkinesis is a mid-size female that is neither compact nor slim and unexpectedly weighty.

TONKINESEN FUR is tight and tight fitting. Because of the fur design, the dots (i.e. face, ear, legs as well as tail) must be significantly deeper than the skin and blend smoothly into the color of the skull. Tonkinesis is available in many different colors. The range of tonkinetic colors is very diverse in Great Britain.

There are three "expressions" (i.e. fur patterns) for each color and all these colors, as well as the tortie, can be butabby. Considering the three fur samples, there are seventy-eight possible combination! Convivial in the outdoors, Tonkinese is a whirring, firm pack of true charity that knows that your whole point of being is to give him or her all your charity and care.

You are a medium-sized brawny kitty with a good eye for humor and will be entertaining you for endless hours as well. TONKINESEN can be practised for stunts and need play things and entertainment. Tonkineses have plus character. Sometimes they are described as more of a dog than a feline and in many ways this is a very good one.

It is a sensible, smart feline that connects strongly with its humans and shows its affections very clearly. Most of them get along well with kids (provided the kids have learned not to hunt, tug or otherwise annoy them), other females and cat-friendly pets and most of them are glad to come into contact with their mates.

Tonkinese do not need any specific care, as their shorter fur is self-caring, but they do receive the care they need. To keep the Tonkinese fur smooth and smooth is simple, because the thick fur does not need much care. An elastic toothbrush used once a week will remove all loosely packed, died off fur and an incidental dip will keep the fur from its best side.

TONKINESEN, like their Myanmar and Thai counterparts, are long-lived and widespread at the age of nineteen and twenty. Tonkineses have no particular medical problem and are able to live a long and energetic lifestyle.

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