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The Tonbridge is a historic market town in the English county of Kent. There is a rich history and the beautiful Tonbridge Castle. sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit] The Tonbridge (TUN-brij) is a historical trading city in the British province of Kent. Part of the counties of Tonbridge and Malling, it had 40,356 inhabitants by 2015. The GPO [3] in 1870 altered this to Tonbridge due to mix-ups with the Tunbridge Wells near by, although Tonbridge was a much older estate.

William Rufus sieged the city shortly after his ascension to the Throne because the count had sworn loyalty to William's brothers, Robert. Some years later, the dart that destroyed William Rufus was fired by Walter Tirel, who was borne in Tonbridge and also Richard Fitz Gilbert's son-in-law.

Soon thereafter the city was recaptured, this one by King John only a few month after the Magna Carta was signed. It was on this opportunity that the sieged troops burned the city instead of seeing it falling. City and Tonbridge Castle were subsequently reconstructed and in the thirteenth centuries it became an Edward II Royal Palace and an Edward II Archive.

Tonbridge was part of an ineffective revolt against the Queen's marriages to the King of Spain during Queen Mary's rule, with 500 citizens implicated in the Battle of Hartley in 1554. Consequently, the city was selected as a place of executions for a number of Protestants; and in 1555 James Tutty[13] and Margery Polley were burnt at the city' s funeral pile, and Joan Beach struck the same destiny in Rochester in 1556.

Throughout the civil war, the city was occupied by the parliamentary side, which re-fortified the fortress. Royalistic sympathizers made several efforts to conquer the city, but were rejected. 1740 the Medway Navigation Company enacted a Parliamentary Act which allowed the Medway to make the Medway River navigable to Tonbridge [15], which allowed it to transport material such as charcoal and limestone to the city and to transport powder, hop and wood downstream to Maidstone and the Thames.

Tonbridge was the site of an uprising during the March 1880 general elections. In 1896, the first[19] penalty for exceeding speed limits in the United Kingdom was imposed by the Tonbridge Petty Sessions Tribunal. The location is now taken by the Weald of Kent Girls' Gymnasium. The last United Kingdom wife to be hung, Ruth Ellis, was married at the Tonbridge Registrar's Office on 8 November 1950[21].

The city has been part of the Tonbridge and Malling districts since 1974 and is subdivided into seven departments: Cage Green, Castle, Higham, Judd, Medway, Trench and Vauxhall. These stations have 15 of the 53 places in the Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council.

27 ] Tonbridge and Malling Borough County are responsible for operating community amenities such as rest, garbage disposal and community housing;[28] while Kent County provides educational, community and trade standard facilities. They are both integrated into urban development and street upkeep. Tugendhat is currently a member of the Conservative Party's Thomas Tugendhat, who represents Tonbridge and Malling in the Parliament.

The Harvester Trust Tonbridge purchased a dilapidated property on Medway Wharf Road in the center of Tonbridge in 1999. In March 2000, a £4 million edifice that can be used as a parish hall, parish hall and convention center received construction approval. Formally opened in January 2003, the River Center is home to a host of activities ranging from food introductions and award presentations to hosting major global churches meetings.

Pembury Road was formerly the West Kent Division's headquarter, before the West Division returned to Maidstone. The Royal Mail TN Postal Code Sorter is situated on Vale Road in the city. The Tonbridge site is also home to Carroty Wood, an indoor and outdoor recreation and living area run by Rock UK that offers groups of youngsters the chance to try out a wide range of indoor and out outdoor pursuits.

The Tonbridge train is one of Kent's most congested with 4. 1 million passenger using it every year. It is also serviced by the A21 between London and Hastings and the A26 between Maidstone and Brighton. The Tonbridge is serviced by a number of coach lines, most of which are operated by Arriva Southern Counties.

There are many elementary colleges in Tonbridge such as Hilden Grange School, Slade Elementary School, Sussex Road County Elementary School, Long Mead Community Elementary School, Cage Green Elementary School, Woodlands Junior and Infant School, St Stephens Elementary School and St Margaret Clitherow Ro C Secondary School. On 8 July, the Tour de France 2007 led through the Tonbridge city center as part of the first leg (London - Canterbury).

Horsemen mounted Quarry Hill in the southern part of the city, a level 4 and the first King of the Mountains ascent of the tour. It is home to two crime clubs: Tonbridge CC and Cowdrey CC. The Tonbridge cricket is the longest running crime centre in Tonbridge. The remote site is large in comparison to many others and has a state-of-the-art gazebo with amenities for both members and guests.

Kent Cricket League on a Saturday and Tonbridge Exiles CC on a Sunday, with friendship games under the Tonbridge Exiles name. There' s a juvenile section at the mall. In 1997 the Cowdrey Cricket Club[36] was re-named Tonbridge to Tonbridge Printers CC in honor of Lord Colin Cowdrey of Tonbridge on the occasion of the club's fiftieth birthday and has a youth department and two Saturday team.

CC's 1 st Cowdrey X 1 is competitive in Division III of the Kent League, and 2 th X is a base for young cricket players who play their matches in Division 5 of the Kent League for 2 th XX. Swanmead play field. The Tonbridge Athletic Center, which practices at the Tonbridge Schools is Kelly Holmes' former center.

Since 2011 the Tonbridge Half Marathon takes place in September. has a rugby association rugby football clubs. There are five crews and one veteran squad in the seniors area of the clubs. There are two girls' crews (under 15 and 18 years of age) and a youth and minisection.

Tonbridge's Tonbridge Angels soccer squad plays in the Bostik Premier Divison - the former English squad executive Roy Hodgson plays for them. It has a kayak clubs, which has spawned a number of Olympians, and a boat yachting clubs, the Tonbridge Towntown Racing Clubs, which runs activities in Haysden Country Park on the edge of the city.

The Tonbridge Club is located in the Tonbridge Schwimmbad, which has inside and outside basins. The Tonbridge Baseball Club plays in the city[39] after having formed an adulthood squad from the Bobcats juniors in 2000. Bobcats were trained for many by the Tonbridge Baseball Club Chairman, Margaret Borley MBE.

In order to make Tonbridge clean and safe, a pedestrian action group named PATHS was established to transform Tonbridge High street into a pedestrian zone. Founded in partnership with Tonbridge Friends of the Earth and Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council. It was also supported by some locals and shop owners, some of whom were members of the West Kent Green Party.

Soundbridge has two locally owned commercially available radios, KMFM West Kent and Heart Kent, formerly Invicta FM. KMFM's studio is now located in Medway, but was initially located in Tonbridge. It is also serviced by the nationwide BBC Kent and many London broadcasters can also be reached.

Tonbridge's biggest reader magazine is the Kent and Sussex Courier. The Tonbridge region enjoys an Atlantic Ocean environment (Köppen climatic rating Cfb), like all of Kent and similar to almost all of Great Britain. Soundbridge is connected to the following places: ikimedia Commons has content related to Tonbridge.


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