Thomsk (: ?????

, IPA: [tomsk]) is a city and administrative center of Tomsk Oblast in Russia, located on the Tom River. Thomsk is a city in Russia in the east of western Siberia, the capital of the Tomsk region. The capital of Tomsk Oblast is Tomsk (Russian: ????? tohmsk). Discover Tomsk holidays and discover the best time and place to visit.

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In 1830, the discoveries of golden age led Tomsk to further develop in the nineteenth and nineteenth centuries, but when in the 1890s the Trans-Siberian Railways circumvented the town in favour of the Novonikolayevsk (Novosibirsk) town, the trend began to shift southwards in order to be connected to the railways.... Novosibirsk would exceed the importance of Tomsk in the course of the years.

But within a few years the town would be reinvented as Siberia's education centre with the founding of Tomsk State University (founded in 1880) and Tomsk Polytechnic University (founded in 1896). During the Second World War, every 12 th inhabitant of the town was a student[14], which gave it its official name - Siberia.

Following the October Revolution of 1917, the town became a remarkable centre of the White Revolution, headed by Anatoli Pepelyayev and Maria Bochkareva, among others. Following the Red Army's defeat in the 1920s, Tomsk was integrated into the Western-Siber region and later into the Novosibirsk Oblast. Throughout the Cold War, Tomsk became one of many declared enclosed cities[15] that could not be visited by the outside world, especially by non-German citizens.

Then in 1949 a mysterious town, known as "Tomsk-7" (or sometimes just "P.O. Box 5"), 15 kilometers northwest of Tomsk was founded; the new village became the home of Tomsk NPP (later[when? ] the Sibirskaya NPP was renamed), the first Soviet Union IPP.

In 1956 Tomsk-7 became a municipality and was re-named Seversk in 1992. The town is subdivided into four districts: Thomsk is ruled by a major and a 33-member Duma. United Russia was supposed to win the October 2005 communal election, but the Pensioners' Party showed a powerful performance.

The oldest network in Siberia is in Tomsk. There' s three plants in town: Thomsk uses more of its own solar panels than it generates. Most of the city's elecrical and thermic energies are provided by Tomskenergo Inc.'s GRES-2 (281 MWt) and TEC-3 (140 MWt) plants. Thomsk is supplementing its demand for heat and gas with current from Seversk.

It is approached from Bogashevo Airport. The Tomsk is a small railroad centre located on the Tayga-Bely Yar line (Tomsk branch) of the Trans-Siberian Railroad. Transsiberian Railroad, constructed in 1896, runs 50 km past Tomsk, bypassing Tomsk. Tomsk has access to the Trans-Siberian Railroad via the Tayga area.

There is a local railway line between Tomsk and Tayga. Tomsk Railway was a separate unit until 1961. Currently the Tomsk line is part of the West Siberian Railway, the Russian Railways subsidiary..... There is a train connection between Tomsk and Anapa, Asino, Barnaul, Bely Yar, Moscow, Novokuznetsk, Novosibirsk, Sochi and Tayga.

In addition the town has eleven own coach services, eight trolley buses (built in 1967) and five tramway services (built in 1949). The Tomsk Bogashevo International Aerodrome is the aerodrome that serves the town. There are a number of important universities in Tomsk, among others: The Tomsk Polytechnic Institute, established in 1896 and opened in 1900, is the oldest technological college in Siberia.

The Tomsk State Univeristy is the oldest in Siberia ( "University of Siberia" was established in 1878, opened in 1888). Tomsk State Library's archive is one of the largest in Russia. The Siberian State School of Medicine, one of the oldest and highest evaluated Russian faculties of medicine. Numerous education facilities in the town have helped to make Tomsk an important centre of the Russian IT-sector.

Thomsk was one of the first Russian towns to have broadband connections, which was made possible by university scholarships and academic collaboration in the early 90s. There are many regional culture facilities in Tomsk, among them several theatres, a children's theatre and a theatre for puppets.

The most important halls of the town are the Conservatory and Tomsk Sports Palace. There are also a number of centres devoted to Tartar, Poland and Germany. Like many other towns in the former Soviet Union, the provocative regime demolished a number of old cathedrals in the town, two of which have been in operation since the seventeenth c...

Tomsk, however, was able to rescue some of his church by turning them into machinery halls, storehouses, records and even dwellings. The town is known for its elaborate "gingerbread decoration" of local timber cottages. The Trud Stadium in the centre of Tomsk is the basis for games with Tom Tomsk FC, the city's pro team.

Admission to the 2004 Premier League gave supporters the opportunity to see some of the country's best sides in their own stadiums. In Tomsk there are many domestic TV channels such as TV2, which was closed by the government and converted into an online TV medium,[20] Moscow in Tomsk and Tomsk radios of Siberia and Echo and several papers (Tomskaya Nedelya, Krasnoye Znamya and Vechernii Tomsk).

A large meeting on business co-operation between Russia's President Vladimir Putin and Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel took place in Tomsk in April 2006. The name Tomsk was given by children's book writer Elizabeth Beresford to one of her fictitious figures The Wombles, all of whom are called after places.

Thomsk is the only non-capital member of the Asian Network of Major Cities 21. Thomsk is a twin city: Jumping up ^ ??? ??? (in Russian). The Tomsk web site. Skip up ^ ???? ?????? ?????? (in Russian). Thomsk City Duma. Skip up to: a the Russian Federal State Statistics Service (2011).

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