The Toluca[to?luka], officially called Toluca de Lerdo[to?luka ðe ?lerðo], is the capital of the state of Mexico and the seat of the municipality of Toluca. De México, Felipe Villanueva, Toluca, Edo.

de México. From Toluca: Toluca, city, capital of México estado (state), central Mexico. As many colonial Mexican cities, Toluca's development has created a ring of urban sprawl around a very picturesque old town.

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The Toluca [to?luka], formally named Toluca de Lerdo[to?luka ðe ?lerðo], is the capitol of the state of Mexico and the town of Toluca..... This is the centre of a fast expanding metropolitan area, which is now the fifth biggest in Mexico. It' s 63 kilometers from Mexico Town to the W-SW, about 40-minute drive from the outskirts of Mexico Town.

Toluca has 819,561 inhabitants according to the 2010 survey. 2 ] The town is the fifth biggest in Mexico in terms of number of inhabitants. Since 2009 [update][3], the community of Toluca, together with thirteen other communities in the greater Toluca area, forms the fifth biggest Mexican conurbation. ý Remnants of the Mexican capital Calixtlahuaca.

The Spaniards captured the Toluca River in 1521. Toluca's first mayor was Pedro Cortés Coyotzin. Toluca and the present town of Toluca were incorporated into the Franco Carlos V of Spain's Hernán Cortés estate. 1810, at the beginning of the liberation movements, Miguel Hidalgo spent a few nights in Toluca on his way to the Battle of Monte de las Cruces.

A group of native Mexicans was executed by a group of royalist Spaniards in 1811. The first Toluca Municipal Councillor was founded in 1812. The state of Mexico was founded in 1825 and the country's capitol went to various towns several time. 5 ] By 1830, Toluca had eventually been named Mexico's unconstitutional capitol.

Construction of Los Portales in Toluca's town centre began in 1832. Because of the centralisation of the German Confederation, all of Mexico City's governing bodies were moved to Mexico Town in 1836, after some were in Toluca for several years. The lagoon of the sun in the Nevado de Toluca. Outside the highly industrialised town, the commune has woods of oaks, pines, fir, cedars, cycrus and other vegetation typical of the moderate zones of Mexico.

Chrysler's Toluca Car Assembling has been producing cars since 1968. 23 ] Other businesses in Toluca and other Toluca industry estates include BMW, Mercedes Benz, Coca-Cola, Femsa, Grupo Bimbo, Nissan, Nestlé, Pfizer, Bayer, Crisa, Barcel, Knorr, Trelleborg Automotive and HSBC. 24 ] have full production and R&D equipment in the Toluca Industry Area.

From Licenciado Adolfo López Mateos International at Toluca. It has a 4,200 metre long take-off and landing strip and is 15 km from Toluca and 60 km from the state city. It serves as an Mexico City hub. Toluca's Huizi PBS system was introduced in 2015 with 27 stops and 350 bikes.

Among the privately funded colleges in Toluca are: Historical centre of the town. Situated in the centre of Toluca on Jose Ma. Toluca, the capitol of the state of Mexico, is home to several important institutions. After Mexico Town it is the second largest town in terms of the number of museuses. Museo de Sitio in Calixtlahuaca is situated in the northern part of the town of Toluca.

In Toluca there are a number of festivals, such as the festive "silent procession" that is held every Good Friday when the Catholics of Toluca and the surrounding area gather in the center of the town to show their reverence and worship for the offering of Jesus Christ. That of the State is the Orquesta Sinfónica del Estado de México.

Toluca's most popular meal is the local cold cuts made from grinded pig meat and potato gravy, gourd moles, piper and other raw materials such as sea salt, black pepper, almond, potato, olive oil, olive oil, garlic and chilli. The Mexican term "chorizo" is used as a nick name for everything (everyone) from Toluca.

Toleuca has a wide range of typical sweets such as "alegrías", "jamoncillos" (a choco with flavours like citrus, pineapples, apples or chocolate), "lemons" (lemons adorned with coconut), "chilacayotes" (pumpkin in syrup), "cocadas" (mainly made of coconut), "palanquetas" (a groundnut bars with molten sugar). As in many other Mexican areas, "Moskito" and "Tepache" belong to the traditionnal beverages.

9 ] "Tepache", the favourite drink made from fermenting pineapples and other fruits, is not at home in the valley of Toluca, as this exotic herb does not thrive there. The Toluca is the home of the League MX Toluca Team. Its home is one of the city's emblems, the Estadio Nemesio Díez (Nemesio Diez Stadium), situated between Constituyentes and Morelos Åvenues in the urban centre.

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