Find out more about the use of Tolu Balsam, its efficacy, potential side effects, interactions, dosage, user reviews and products containing Tolu Balsam. Remarkable people">edit]>> Tolù is a small village and city in the department of Sucre, in the north of Colombia on the Carribeanbean. It has an area of 500 km². Its name comes from a balsam of Tolu trees. Tolù is an eco-tourism destination for scuba divers and hikers in the rainforest.

Tolù is a name derived from the Indians who lived in the place, known as Tolúes.

Tolú is bordered to the north by San Onofre, to the east by Toluviejo, to the south by Coveñas, Palmito and Sincelejo. - Recreación, Historia y Cultura de Tolú.

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