Toolotó is a dance, mostly in high schools, where girls ask boys to go as their date. Just a few kilometres from Nafplion, the beach town of Tolo offers hotels, restaurants, cafés and a beautiful sea. The Tolo event publish/subscribe framework is designed to decouple different parts of your iOS application while enabling efficient communication.

It is less than two and a half day after the Taliban, who have not yet replied, announce a cease-fire.

It is less than two and a half day after the Taliban, who have not yet replied, announce a cease-fire. It is less than two and a half day after the Taliban, who have not yet replied, announce a cease-fire. It began around 9 a.m. when the US presidential commander delivered his oath statement.

Mr President, Mr Rouhani said on Tuesday that the countrys preparations must be made to combat forces that want to take over its area. Mr President, Mr Rouhani said on Tuesday that the countrys preparations must be made to combat forces that want to take over its area. Plgrims spend the whole pilgrimage on Mount Arafat, but will move to Jamarat on Tuesday, the first of the Eid al-Adha.

According to the report, the assault occurred at the same time as a growing dispute between Ankara and Washington over the case against a US minister in Turkey. At the same time, the Afghan authorities have begun to digitise their archive, which includes the Afghan film archive.

Toolon ("Tolon")

The long sandy beaches of the Peloponnese are the only ones in the world. Its excellent beaches and close vicinity to Athens and Nafplio attract many people who love the outdoors. For a while its attractiveness was diminishing, but the local people controlled its growth and the village recovered much of its charms. It was first wrote by Homer in the Iliad as a Trojan Wars entangled people.

His cove has provided shelter for the Greeks' vessels over the course of the ages. In 1821-1832, after the War of Independence, many Crete residents moved to the area. Directly on the shore is the small island of Koronis with a small aisle. Close to Nafplio, only two hours by car from Athens, makes the town appear like an emerging Riviera.

Of course the sandy area is a big attraction - more than 2 km long, all sandy, at least 50 metres flat. Through the city on the Hauptstraße, Sekeri Str. is 25 metres from the sea and is surrounded by numerous restaurants, bars and restaurants - many with desks stretching into the sands.

Tooló is only 7 km from Nafplio and 30 km from the ancient theatre of Epidaurus. That makes it a comfortable starting point for the Peloponnes. Bookings. com's Tolo pages a large number of properties with pictures and overviews. Thetis Hotel in Kardamaki 3 is a good place to stay.

Thetis Hotel is located only 20 metres from the road and 50 metres from the shore, belonging to the Greek-American Sgouros team. There is a large swimmingpool, BBQ, dining room and lounges, with TV, WiFi and seaview from each room. Most of them are undemanding in their presentations of delicious lettuces and tavern dishes, especially shellfish.

Most can be accessed from Sekeri Street or from the shore after an afternoons bathing and sunbathing. Leimonia, at 90a Sekeri Street, is one of the most beautiful. The Ambrosia Taverna in Sekeri 39 is characterised by the stony structure of the dinning room and the roofed terrace. We had a great evening of coffee and pizzas, and the choice of services and meals was superb, along with a great Grecian lettuce.

We' d definitely go back to Ambrosia, except that there are so many great opportunities in Toló. In the Pizzeria Tolo in Sekeri Str. 4 is a genuine find. Maria's Restaurant (both sides of the road at the bend) in Bouboulinas 48, with breathtaking seaviews directly above the shore.

A footpath leads directly from the newsstand on Sekeri in the Kardamaki Roads to the shore. The first tavern to your lefthand is Akrogiali (Aktis St. 10) (www.akrogiali-tolo. gr), belonging to Christos Moutzouris. The tavern has both veranda and sandy table and is one of our favourites.

Right next to it on the shore is Koralli, an ouzerie/snack bar from Kiriakos Sgouros. Further eastwards on the shore is the stylish street Aktis St. 6. Founded in 1960 by George Protopapadakis. La Lefka" is a Grecian elme that was standing on the shore in front of the hotel for years.

Unique is the Betonpier protruding from the shore - a very romantically place to dine on a hot summers eve. Turn right on the shore and you are in To Steki (The Hangout), Aktis Str. 12. Orfanos, the founder family's own Evagelos Orfanos, has the best sea food and tavern dishes, and on Saturday nights Vagelos will conduct an improvised jazz sessions with traditional Grecian instrument.

The Taverna Gorgona of the Diamantopoulos dynasty is located in the small fishermen town Vivari just outside of Tolo (photo above). You are specialized in eating crisp seafood and other Grecian cuisine. It is located directly on the beach to the right of the small dock. Different Tolo information:

The Esperando Café-Bar at 31 Sekeri Street is the place to be if you just want to relax with a nice drink and a nice chat in the mornings or evenings. During your visit to the city of Touló you can take a full excursion to the Faro Saron Isles of Hydra and Spetses on board one of the Pegasus Cruises state-of-the-art ferryboats, serving coffees, beverages and light refreshments in the cabins while watching the pools.

More and more cars are being rented in Toló, but our newest choice was Bounos, belonging to Vangelis Bounos. Toló is competently run by his sibling Fotini. Alternatively, you can hire a vehicle from Swift Cars in Athens to take your vehicle to the Athens International Centre or your accommodation and out of Athens.

There are a number of dancefloor cafés in the city of Peloponnese, places suitable for younger people, but the breathtaking beaches and the favourable position of the city in the Peloponnese are more than sufficient for most people. If you are planning to explore the Grecian islands or other places in Greece and need the service of a Grecian tour operator, please see Matt Barrett's Greece Tour Agents page.

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