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Tokio Journey

Tokyo, which combines past and present, impresses with its tradition and its love for everything new. Tokyo pavements still look like a sci-fi movie start-and that's a 1980s urban fantasy. Since then, Tokyo has been constructing, shifting the limits of what is feasible to heavily settled, earthquake-prone countries and introducing ever larger, leaner buildings.

Experience the fabulous megamalls, the fancy design shops of Japan's award-winning architect and the highest turret in the entire globe - the Tokyo Sky Tree - a rotating turret based on old construction technologies. Stay on one of Tokyo's high-rises and look out over the cityscape at dark to see them blink like the controls of a spaceship extending to the skyline.

Tokio may forever reach into the distant past, but you can still see signs of the shogun's capitol on the cabuki scene, at a Sumo contest or under the kirschflowers. Yes, Tokyo has more Michelin-star than any other town. However, that is not what makes eating in Tokyo such an incredible event.

Tokio is the country's pop-cultural lab where new tendencies come to life. Transfer is possible from any of the hotels or ryokans within the fifteen stations of Tokyo and the Maihama County of Urayasu. You will be picked up by your own bus three and a half hour before your scheduled start date from the central hall of your accommodation.

At the time of reservation, you are obliged to enter your travel and accommodation information for Tokyo or Maihama. Departures Airlines Departures Arrival number Departures date and time Hotelname, address and telephone number Total number of baggage The roofed areas comprise each of the hotels or ryokans with a plaque on the buildings within the fifteen stations in central Tokyo or the Maihama area.

The fifteen stations in the centre of Tokyo include: You will receive confirmation of your deposit within 24 hrs of your reservation and a gift certificate to present to the chauffeur.

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