Tokio City Guide - What to do in Tokyo Tokio (??, T?ky?) is the Japanese capitol and the most populated metropole in the whole wide range of the population.

This is also one of Japan's 47 préfectures, comprising 23 main municipalities and several municipalities, towns and rural areas situated western of the centre. Tokyo is also home to the Izu and Ogasawara Islands. Before 1868, Tokyo was known as Edo.

Edo, a small sixteenth century-old fortified city, became the Japanese centre of politics in 1603 when Tokugawa Ieyasu founded his Feudal State there. When the Meiji Restoration of 1868 took place, the Kaiser and the Kyoto City capital relocated to Edo, which was re-named Tokyo ("Eastern Capital"). Much of Tokyo was devastated by the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 and the 1945 bombing.

Today Tokyo provides its residents with a apparently limitless range of shops, entertainments, culture and food. In contrast to popular belief, Tokyo also has a number of beautiful parks in the centre of the town and relatively quick trains on the edge of the town. Japan's biggest and liveliest seafood fair. Electronics and consumer goods district.

Landscaped gardens next to the Tokyo Dome. You can park on the former site of Edo Castle. Japan's leading mall. Situated in the centre of Tokyo. Amusement area around the Tokyo Dome. Smaller sights dot the main area. Tokyo railway station. Area with an old Tokyo feel.

Big sanctuary in Asakusa area. Exquisite Tokyo Historical Site Musuem. Municipal gardens with several musea and a petoo. Area with a nice ambience in old Tokyo. Botanic gardens of the University of Tokyo. Business quarter around the bustling railway stations. Centre of the world of sumo wrestle. This is a mall for the older people.

It is a favourite neighbourhood among the younger generation. Area around Japan's most congested railway terminal. Centre for Youth Fashions and Consumerism. Generous municipal garden in Shinjuku. Roomy municipal garden in Shibuya. Trendily quarter along an inclined road. Calm natural preserve in the heart of Tokyo. Tokyo's 333 metre high icon. Tibetan Buddha sanctuary at the Tokyo Tower basement.

Town within the town centre in Roppongi. Town in town around the TBS headquarters. A recently renovated industrial estate. Important traffic junction in the south of Tokyo. on an artificial isle in Tokyo Bay. Favourite amusement park at Tokyo Disney Resort. Favourite amusement park at Tokyo Disney Resort. Tempelberg near the center of Tokyo.

Giant parkland in the west outskirts of Tokyo. Outdoor exhibition about the old Tokyo architectural style. Big garden on the shore of Tokyo Bay. It' a downtown neighborhood store at Tokyo Disney Resort. State-of-the-art congress centre just outside Tokyo. Tokyo's most beloved anniversary celebration. This is one of the three major Tokyo and Japan celebrations.

This is one of the three biggest Japanese festivities. Yearly big cities warathon. Japan's biggest IT and electronics fair. A small town full of historical riches. Nationalpark with a view of Fuji. Japan's second biggest town. Countryside town known for its festivities and sanctuaries. Tucked between Tokyo and Yokohama. This is one of the most loved hotels in Tokyo.

Shinjuku's most favourably situated guesthouse, just a few minutes from the train siding. Adjoining Tokyo Railway Terminal, this is one of the most luxurious and luxurious properties in the town. Only a few paces away from Shinjuku Center, this is one of Tokyo's best accommodation. This is one of Tokyo's most beloved value for money accommodation, just a 5-10 minutes walking distance from the train stations.

5-star premier five-star on the top floor of Tokyo Midtown. Bordering Tokyo Station, this is the city's best situated 5-star resort.

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