Requested by the IB, TOK teaches students how to respond to completely false statements and opinions that are not even important to them. However, as a TOK student, the skills and knowledge you have acquired during the course are a great advantage in sales. Provides information about Tok, Alaska including parks, maps, attractions, travel tips, pictures and videos. The theory of knowledge (TOK) is the cornerstone of the IB program.

A-Level | Diploma | International Abitur

TOK is evaluated by an verbal demonstration and a 1,600 words paper. She invites the pupils to think about the essence of knowing and how we know what we pretend to know. The TOK is part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) and is compulsory for all Ph.

Find out more about the science world. Alternatively, you can find TOK add-on title samples and see how IB specifies TOK times. Perhaps you are also interested in the other DP kernel components: creativeness, activities, service and the expanded article.


T.O.K. T.O.K. was a dance-hall group from Kingston, Jamaica. They founded their group in 1996. Called "the world's greatest dancehall-reggae boy tape " by the New York Times,[2] T.O.K. has been Jamaica's premier dance-hall group for over a decennium.

In 1996, after having recorded some of Craig's songs, they entered into a record deal with Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare's Taxi record company and outdid it. They published their first song "Hit Them High", which had little influence. In the same year they joined Richard "Shams" Browne's High Profile labels and published two more albums, "Send Them Come" and "Hardcore Lover" with Lady Saw.

This last one was quite successful, climbed into the dance hall chart of Jamaica and got them a deal with VP Records. Now they work under their own X.C.A.R.R. Records record company. Ever since they came onto the guitar in the early 90s, they have published many hits and records. In 2001 the group enter the US arena with their début Mycrew, My Dawgs, which was among the top 10 in the Billboard Top Reggae record chart and reached platform in Japan.

This year T.O.K. was released on MTV's first warning. Another of the group's successes was the individual "Gal You A Lead". Made by Bobby Konders, the singles was 85th in the US Billboard Hot 100. In 2005, their second record entitled ÒUnknown LanguageÓ released another song called "Footprints"[1] and also made it to 93rd place on the Billboard Chart.

It followed its precursor with the sale of platform in Japan. T.O.K. spends a few years on a tour around the globe to promote language not known. Two further songs in "No Man" and "Guardian Angel" were released in 2007. "The Guardian Angel" climbed to number 1 on the reggae charts in New York City, Florida and Jamaica.

T.O.K. has published several new single releases and musical video clips for "No Man", "Unbelievable", "Hotta Vybez Medley", "Raindrops Medley" and more recently "Supermodel" since the beginning of 2008. Her third record, Our World, with Beenie Man and Kelly Price collaborating, was out in August 2009. T.O.K. initially meant "Touch of Klass", but the group has developed many backronys for their name, like "Taking Over Kingston", "Tribe of Kings" or "Theory of Knowledge".

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