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For information on accommodation, events, activities and more, visit the official Tofino Tourism website. Plan your Tofino holiday today! The Tofino Guide provides insider information and tips on accommodation, surfing, whale watching, beaches, restaurants, hiking and more. Tofino, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, offers extraordinary Canadian-style surfing. Discover accommodation and activities in Tofino and Ucluelet, two jewels on the west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Accommodation & Activites Tofino

Sand sands that last forever as ripples plunge into cliffy spires. Then there are the West Coast cafes, huts and art galleries that dot our salty road. It' out there, and it' a place you'll never ever get over. If you come here, you' ll find Tofino - because there's nothing like it.

No matter what your tastes are looking for, there is a tofino flavour that is guaranteed to meet the point. Booking a dinner in one of our award-winning dining options. If it' s about the flavors, there is something of everything here, so come and find yours. The Tofino is the place to be: cosy cottages, B&B, apartments, lodgings, campsites and prestigiousresort.

The following chart shows Tofino in terms of Vancouver and other destinations in the Pacific Northwest. The Tofino is located on the Esowista Peninsula. A view of the Tofino and surrounding area. Discover Tofino's centre in a virtual way.

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The Tofino area is a suburb with approximately 1,932 inhabitants on the east shore of Vancouver Island in the British Columbia area. Situated at the end of Hwy 4 on the tip of the Esowista Peninsula on the south side of Clayoquot Sound. Tofino is a favourite holiday resort in summers, and its number of inhabitants increases many-fold in winters.

The area is attractive to windsurfers, walkers, nature enthusiasts, birdwatchers, camper, whalers, anglers and all those who want to be near the countryside. It is not so busy in winters, although many visitors come to Tofino and the western shore to observe windstorms on the waters. Long Beach, a picturesque and beloved year-round attraction in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, is located near Tofino.

It can be reached by sea aeroplane or ferry and is about 45 km from Tofino. The Tofino airport, 11 km southwards of the city, is open to business and leisure travel. Arctic mist is a frequent occurrence in summers, making it difficult to get in by sea until the climate improves.

Situated at the end of Hwy 4, which links the municipality to Port Alberni and the metropolitan areas on the eastern shore of Vancouver Island. Tofino is not connected by any road along the Vancouver Island westerly shore except to the neighbouring town of Ucluelet. Cruises link Tofino with the seaside towns of Ahousat and Hot Springs Cove.

A whalewatching ship overturned off the Tofino coastline in October 2015, resulting in the death of 6 people. The Tofino has a state-of-the-art mobile and landline connection (including broadband connection and ADSL). The Tofino Ucluelet Westerly News. The Tofino's owned radios are CHMZ-FM on 90.1 FM and CBC FM One on 91.5 FM.

Leap up ^ Extremely high and low temperature in the chart below were registered in Clayoquot from December 1896 to June 1943 and at Tofino Airport from July 1943 to the present day. Wiki voyage has a touristic guidebook for tofino.

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