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The latest news about Singapore from the BBC. U.S. President Donald Trump has met North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore. U.

S. President holds historic talks with North Korea's leader in Singapore. TODAYonline's latest tweets. Not many English newspapers in Singapore.

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Some of the events recorded by the DPRK press in a unique way included a handshake-salute mixture and an elaborate farewell and farewell journey. Peoples in DPRK were the last to learn of the unparalleled conversations between their own leaders and an incumbent US presidency. U.S. US-ident Donald Trump meets Kim Jong-un, head of Korea, in Singapore.

Kim Jong-un, DPRK guide, and US-Donald Trump signed a paper after their meeting. It seems the frank and frank chairman is more under the radar for the historical meeting.

All TODAY newspaper to finish printed issue, go fully digitally

Singapore: Mediacorp has reached an understanding with Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) to acquire its non-controlling interests in Mediacorp's consumer TV and newspaper business, which both parties jointly issued a press announcement on Friday (August 25). This S$18 million acquisition includes the acquisition of SPH's 20 percent interest in Mediacorp TV Holdings, which holds the channels 5, 8 and U and Mediacorp Studios, and the 40 percent interest in Mediacorp Press, which runs the newspaper TODAY.

After completion, both companies will become 100% affiliates of Mediacorp. This contract comes into effect 12 years after the acquisition of the shares by SPH as part of an investment in 2005 as part of an investment consolidations in the audio-visual sector. As part of the process of consolidating, SPH transmitted a TV station to Mediacorp and acquired a 20 percent interest in Mediacorp TV Holdings.

STREATS, SPH's free newspaper, amalgamated with TODAY and acquired a 40 percent share in Mediacorp Press. Mediacorp issued a press announcement that the newspaper TODAY will cease its printed version and be the first newspaper in Singapore to look to a fully digitized world. TODAY's last printed issue will be published at the end of September.

Owning and controlling all of Mediacorp Press, Mediacorp said it will reorganize the TODAY operations to better address the new digital-first mediumscape. Walter Fernandez, editor-in-chief of Mediacorp, added: "In view of an initial ever-increasing digitization environment, we have prepared ourselves for this key area. The newsroom process has been redesigned to allow all newsroom editors to digitally archive first, we've deliberately invested in videofunctions, our online newsroom offerings have seen aggressive growth, our online newsroom has been updated, and we've even begun to deliver through WhatsApp".

With the abolition of the printed version of TODAY, around 40 rolls will become superfluous, according to the giants of the press. Mediatacorp said it will look at ways to transfer employees in these capacities to other functions within the Group. If this is not possible, compensation plans and relocation assistance are provided to entitled employees.

We would like to thank all members of the TODAY-Teams. Desmond Choo, consultant to the Singapore Union of Broadcasting Employees, said the trade unions will work in close cooperation with Mediatacorp and its members to make sure that the affected employees are re-qualified and re-employed. In a press announcement on the Singapore Exchange website, Ng Yat Chung, SPH's Chief Operating Officer and CEO-designate, said that the sale of his TODAY investment follows Mediacorp's move to convert it into a fully electronic one.

He also noted that free-to-air TV is not SPH's main line of work and added that the planned divestiture would allow SPH to concentrate on its main activities in the field of audiovisual media". "That rationalization will allow us to concentrate our energy on optimally reaching our audiences and our marketers through a range of powerful cross-platform and cross-platform multimedia products," he said.

"After taking into accounts the $18 million received from this operation and the dividend payments made to us over the years, we repaid our investments in Mediacorp Press Ltd and Mediacorp TV Holdings were made. During a five-year term after closing, Mediacorp Press will not be able to release or distribute TODAY softcopy or on-line newspapers that retain the appearance of a paperer.

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