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The trial against the former Israeli minister for espionage for Iran begins today. Myanmar parliament elected U Htin Kyaw to the ruling National League for Democracy (NLD) on Tuesday. The NLD official says that with the last amnesty Myanmar could have released all its remaining political prisoners. The Bhullar Man Watch Myanmar Open | Latest information about breaking news & updates on sports at News Today. Reuters news agency reporters say hundreds of Rohingya are coming to Bangladesh near the border village of Gumdhum.

Myanmar rebels killed 19 in an assault near the Chinese frontier - Breakaking news

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You can get the following information for $5 per month: Thanks, MYITKYINA - Ethnic rebels in Myanmar murdered 19 men, four of them members of the police force, in a large-scale assault near the Chinese frontier door early Saturday, a spokesperson for the Chinese administration said. Last month's escalation in northern Myanmar and the recent assault represents another blow to the declared goal of civil leaders Aung San Suu Kyi to achieve a peaceful settlement in the midst of a stammering transitional period from full army leadership.

The Ta'ang National Liberation Military (TNLA) spokesperson, consisting of Ta'ang or Palaung militants, said the group assaulted a military-run mess and a military outpost in Myanmar on the edge of the frontier city of Muse, several hundred metres from a riverbank that separates Myanmar's north Shan state from China's Yunnan provinces.

Myanmar's army often collides with several groups who say they are struggling for more independence for minority communities in the region through which much of Myanmar's external is flow. Myanmar's government's chief spokesperson, Zaw Htay, said about 100 rebels were assaulted with small armaments and ordnance around 5 a.m. and rejected by the gunmen and members of a government-backed militias he dubbed "paramilitaries".

15 civilians, two of them wives included, were murdered and 20 were wounded, he said, quoting information from the policemen. A policeman and three militia were also murdered in the collision, Zaw Htay said. He added that an unidentified number of Myanmar and Mandarin refugees had escaped to China. Soe Htan Tu, a spokesperson for the Muse administration, said that at least 20 persons with serious wounds were taken to Muse's central clinic, but that he did not know how many were in deaths.

Aik Kyaw said the attacks were directed at the troops and policemen who ran the mess, but admitted that there may have been a crossfire among them. "These canteens are the gate to the distribution of narcotics. A lot of the civilian population goes to the canteens and it causes a lot of people a lot of trouble, so we started a big attack," said Tar Aik Kyaw.

and for a strike in Kachin State to the North, where an attack against the Kachin Independence Army, a tactical NLA coalition, has deployed more than 6,000 troops in the past months, he said.

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