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Yangon exchange rate today

To check the exchange rates, proceed as follows;. That from a trustworthy money changer in Yangon: Meet the crowd from Dong (Vietnam) in Kyat (Myanmar) for today: online converter from VND to MMK. The Philippines is making its biggest interest rate hike in ten years. The central bank is counting on taming inflation in the midst of the economic slowdown.

Restrictions on imports Part of the "short-term" plan to stabilise the exchange rate - Central Bank

Myanmar's central banks have taken a number of steps to stabilize the country's exchange rate movements, following a number of losses against the US currency in recentweek. Myanmar Business Today is committed to controlling movements in Myanmar's currencies against the US dollar with a long-term and a short-term plan," said Myanmar Business Today, director general of the Central Reserve of Myanmar, Mr. Virtue.

"For example, we are investigating the inflow of exports and working to reduce the import of luxuries and reduce local dollar expenditures on cash," he added. "We are working with the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Planning and Finance to put the emphasis on necessary importation instead of deluxe importation.

Over the long run, civil servants would work to stimulate production to raise export levels, decrease dependence on import and decrease deficits in trading, he said. Myanmar's trading deficits for the year to December 2 dropped to 2.79 billion dollars, according to offical news outlets last months, after 3.88 billion dollars in the same time last year. peaked at 1,440 k per US dollars at exchange offices in Yangon, while the central bank's offical benchmark rate peaked at K1,375, a new all-time high since the introduction of the greenback in 2012.

Until then, there was little credible information on informally exchange rate when the formal value of the Kyoto Protocol established by the Chinese authorities was significantly excessive in relation to current markets pricing.

Updated the US dollar exchange rate in Yangon every week

Starting this weekend, we will update the current US dollar exchange rate on the Yangon subprime mortgage-price. The exchange rate between the US dollar and Myanmar as well as FEC and Myanmar will be offered to our guests. This rate is refreshed once a week, unless the US dollar's exchange rate fluctuates sharply.

We will try to refresh the course as soon as possible. The US dollar exchange rate is shown in the sidebar of our website. Since April 1, 2012, the Central Bank of Myanmar has formally launched the Kyoto Protocol. This is the Myanmar Man's Diary Blogs post that has been re-published with authorization.

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