The Tobermory is a small community on the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula in the Northern Bruce Peninsula community. Ontario, Tobermory, Kronjuwel resort on the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula. Tobermory. Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula. Take everyone outside and experience the Tobermory area!

Walk the Bruce Trail, the Bruce Peninsula National Park - have a pick nick in the forest! The Tobermory is home to over 25 wrecks that can be discovered by scuba- and snorkelling or with one of the nearby excursion boat.

As the Scuba Diving Capital of Canada, come and find out why! Tobermory is situated on the tip of the Bruce Peninsula and is a seaside resort encircled by clear waters, the magnificent Niagara Escarpment and Flowerpot Island, and two nature reserves. Tobermory scenery provides a unique adventure for the visitor.

Bruce Trail provides some of the best walking adventures on the mainland. Overnight in one of the Tobermory & Areas Bed & Breakfast accommodations. The Tobermory is known as the Canadian capitol of dives as we have clear waters and several wrecks. Come and see one of our divers to discover underwater, or if you don't like snorkeling, try snorkeling!

The Tobermory is a hiker's paradise - from simple to challenging paths with stunning coastal vistas. Hire a sea boat or paddle your own boat on our Cameron Lake or Miller Lake lagoons or take a walk along the shore! See a wonderful dusk on the side of Lake Huron on the mainland or on the city promenade!

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Maps of Southern Ontario with the Bruce Peninsula in rot. Situated on the north tip of this part of the world. The Tobermory is a small village on the north tip of the Bruce Peninsula in the village of North Bruce Peninsula. Tobermory's nearest town is Owen Sound, 100 kilometers southern of Tobermory and linked by Highway 6.

Because of similar port circumstances it was called Tobermory (; Scots Gaelic: Tobar Mhoire), the capitol of the Isle of Mull in the inner Hebrides of Scotland. It is known as the "Freshwater SCUBA Dive Capitol of the World"[1] because of the many wrecks in the nearby waterways, especially Fathom Five National Marine Park.

The Tobermory region is a favourite holiday destination. Located just off the Bruce peninsula national park. It' Tobermory is usually a few grades cooler than Toronto. In Tobermory, the government of Ontario has put up a table about the region's geographical features. 3 ] The first, at the tip of the mainland, with the title ESCARPMENT SUBMERGENCE, provides this information:

"The coastline represents the north end of the Niagara escarpment in the south of Ontario. It stretches undiminished over 465 nautical miles through the south of Ontario from the Niagara Falls. Parts of the steep slope make up the islets between Tobermory and South Baymouth and the same Paleozoic rock forms the formation of the Manitoulin Islandaeology. "Fathom Five, Canada's first National Marine Conservation Area, is home to the shallow water at the Georgian Bay Estuary.

Its jagged islets remind us of the amazing scenery of the sea beds under the seawells. Tobermory offers glass-bottom cruise excursions to the parks and the rough northern coastline of the Bruce Peninsula. In Tobermory there are many different kinds of flora and fauna.

Massasauga, the eastern rattle snake, can also be found in Tobermory, although today it is an extinct one. Of the many plant varieties found in the area, the Bruce Peninsula has about 43 varieties of feral orchids because of its diversity of environments. Tobermory celebrates the day with an anniversary of the founding of the orchid factory in June with an extensive programme of events including visits and exhibitions.

There is at least one type of flowers that grows in the Big Tub and nowhere else in the can. Mention is made of the Fellowship in a Stan Rogers track entitled "The Last Watch On The Midland " which is featured on the From Fresh Water record. James Alan Gardner's sci-fi novel Commitment Hour is set in Tober Cove, a post-apocalyptic version of Tobermory.

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